Quick Fantasy Update

Roll Over lost by 1.7 points last week, it was a killer loss.  That means we’ve lost our last 2 games by a combined 1.74 points.  We are now two games out of third and 1 game out of the fourth and final playoff spot.  We are 5-7 and there are 4 teams tied at 6-6 for the last playoff spot.  We need to win our next 2 games and get a lot of help, but we will win the tie-breaker if we get there, because we have the most total points in the league.  So hopes are slim, especially after last week.  We started off well with Tom Brady on Thanksgiving, but then Andre Johnson got ejected for beating up Cortland Finnegan, and Chris Johnson got .5 points.  .5 points.  .5 points.  We lost by 1.7, that’s 17 more yards from Chris Johnson and we would have been in good shape.   Sad.

In TUFFKL, as predicted here, Vincent Jackson got hurt on the first series and didn’t get us a point.  We lost by 11 points, we played Reggie Bush instead of Felix Jones and Sidney Rice got 3 points.  We’re 6-7, 4 games out of first with 4 to go.  This team feels like the Black Knight, minus the confidence.  The only thing keeping me interested is to try and guess who will get hurt next.  Reggie Bush seems obvious, but Johnny Knox would be the least convenient.  Actually, Matt Prater would be the least convenient as we already have Mike Nugent on IR, and can’t make any more drop/adds.


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