Fantasy Update

Down goes the optimism!  Down goes the optimism!  That didn’t take long.  I thought that Michael Vick’s 61-point performance last week may have been a small reward for all of the injuries we’ve dealt with.  It may have been just that, a small reward, because we certainly paid for it this week.  We suffered a 55 point loss this week, (another whooping at the hands of my Father) and of course we have to deal with another injury.  Brandon Marshall pulled his hammy on Thursday night leaving us an extra three days to wallow.  We started Johnny Knox in the Thursday night game as well, and if you’re getting 19 points combined from two receivers, you’re in for a tough week.  Add to that a 2 from Brandon Jacobs, a 3 from Michael Crabtree, and a 2 from Matt Prater, well, that’s 7 points from three more players.  Now we sit 3 games out of first with 6 to go.  Doable, sure, but there’s no room for error, or more injuries.

We have used up all of our drop/add moves for the year.  In TUFFKL we get 10 moves all season, but a maximum of one each week until the 10 run out.  We used our last one on Vincent Jackson last week,

Remember this giant omen from Panthers camp?

and if there was ever a candidate for the next guy to get injured, it’s the receiver who runs deep routes often, but hasn’t played a game all year.  Did I mention DeAngelo Williams got put on IR?  So now we have to carry his dead weight and we can’t even keep him next year.

Our starting line-up, except for our running backs, looks pretty dangerous on paper.  Vick, Felix Jones, Reggie Bush or Brandon Jacobs, and three out of Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, Michael Crabtree, Brandon Marshall, and Johnny Knox.  That would be a hell of a Madden team, even a decent fantasy team last year, but this year it’s just dreadful.

(Insert negative paragraph about Ryan Mathews here)

As for Her Sweetness’ league, well, I’m an eater.  When I’m eating, I generally eat the worst thing on the plate first to get it out of the way.  Why waste one of my last five forkfulls on peas and interrupt the porterhouse?  My point is that once I found out that the scoring in this league included decimals down to the hundreths, I knew Roll Over would lose a game my just a few hundreths.  I would have liked to have it happen early on when we were losing every week.  Nope, it happened this week against a team that has made one drop/add all year and started Jonathan Stewart (who didn’t play), Steve Smith of the Panthers, and the Panthers defense.  We lost by .04, that’s four yards from anyone.  Andre Johnson got shut down, Connor Barth missed a field goal, and Drew Brees and Marques Colston lit us up.

Roll Over now stands at 5-6, still a game out of third, and still the overall points leader.  I’m not worried, but I’m worried.  I sure wish the trading deadline in this league didn’t pass a month ago.

In other news:

  • Are you as excited as I am to see Jake Delhomme get the start against the Panthers?
  • If Brad Childress or Wade Phillips get a coaching job in Charlotte next year, I’m moving again.
  • That was pretty funny, Richard Seymour.
  • 9 episodes in and something almost happened on Dexter.
  • Randy Moss must be thrilled.

2 responses to “Fantasy Update

  1. Yeah Dexter is like Ryan Matthews. A ton of upside, everyone saying who great he/it is, and you get 30 yards a game.

  2. On cue Vincent Jackson hurts his calf, leaving the game before they even threw a ball at him.

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