Country and Western

What am I doing?  I’ve been listening to Country and Western music for a month and not writing about it.  I have plenty to say.  First, there ARE things that I like, and there are a handful of songs that will make it onto my ipod when I start listening to it again.

"It's three o'clock and he hasn't showered yeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Jennifer Nettles’ voice is one of them.  If she could follow me around and narrate my day, just for one day, that happiness would more than make up for the Dolphins not having a good quarterback for the last 15 years.

Second, the first 1:37 of “Portland, Oregon” by Loretta Lynn.  As I type this, I’m listening to a version  that she did with Jack White.  I typed in Jack Black there by mistake, and deleted it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Jack Black and Loretta Lynn rock out.
I think I started liking “Me and My Gang” by Rascal Flatts.  Or maybe  I like parts of it, maybe it’s that voice box thing in the beginning that brings out the subconscious Jersey/Bon Jovi/T-Shirt Time blood in me.  They mention  Oregon in the lyrics too.  What the hell’s happening in Oregon?

Trace Adkins seems cool, but is he really cool?  I wonder what he eats and drinks.  He should try and push the Adkins Diet on us whatever it is.

I miss listening to my music, though.  It’s testing my discipline, but I haven’t listened to anything non-country by choice.  Bars have other music playing,  so I have no choice but to listen to it when drinking with the public.  I also get music relief from movies as well.  Her Sweetness put on this clip from A Knight’s Tale, which I had never seen.  I don’t know what the hell is going on in that movie, but I thank it for the Bowie break.

On a different note, Survivor starts on Wednesday.  I’m going to try and post reviews here on Thursdays, but I just took a job with odd hours so I won’t get to see most episodes until Thursday afternoon.  So you’ll have to be patient.


3 responses to “Country and Western

  1. I just found this! When did you start doing this? All country all the time? Do you need an intervention? We’re driving down to SC the first week in March, do you need us to arrange a kidnapping as we pass through NC???

    • Back in August, for some reason I declared that if the Seahawks make the NFL playoffs that I’d listen to nothing but country for 2 months. Low and behold they made the playoffs by winning the last game of the season. So I started listening to country at all times that I would otherwise be listening music. That was January 3rd.
      I like the old stuff.

  2. LOL! Be careful what you say when you’ve had a few it just might backfire on you! Are you going to keep this going now that FB season is over?

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