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Fantasy poop.

This may be my final fantasy update of the season as I have no teams with anything to play for.  When we last spoke, Roll Over needed a small miracle to make the playoffs.  We had to win our game against the first place team, then have the 4th place team lose to a 4-9 team.  The 4-9 team started off with a zero from the Titans’ defense against the Colts on Thursday night, that didn’t bode well.  With his opponent starting Aaron Rodgers against the Lions, all seemed lost.  Then Rodgers got hurt early and I let a little slice of hope creep in….dummy.  The 4-9 team had picked up Lance Moore earlier in the week, but in this league, if you pick someone up they aren’t automatically placed in your starting lineup.  So this guy had a vacant spot in his lineup as the 4:00 games approached.  He had Lance Moore and Vincent Jackson to choose from, so I figured he was just waiting to see if Jackson was active.  4:15 came and went and he didn’t make any changes.  That was that.  His opponent had DeSean Jackson going on Sunday night to throw the last shovelfuls of dirt on our grave.  We won our game by 52 points, by the way, and are the overall points leader by more than 70 points.

What went wrong with this team?  Long story short, we were a victim of the schedule.  We were one of the top three scoring teams most weeks, but just happened to play someone that scored more that week.  In weeks 12 and 13, when all we needed was one win, we lost by a combined 1.74 points.  I blame Chris Johnson’s two week crapfest, and Andre Johnson’s ejection for this.  That’s that.

As for Space Mountain, ugggh.  As predicted Matt Prater got hurt, leaving us with no kicker, because we have no drop/add moves left.  This week, Kyle Orton got benched, or is he hurt too?  Honestly, I stopped looking.

I think there’s a chance we can finish in 4th and make some money, but I don’t care enough to do the math, because there’s a tie involved.  Ryan Mathews apparently had a good game finally.  Suck it, Ryan Mathews, suck it all day long.

What looks like our only bright spot, will surely lead to some frustration.  We actually have a lot of decent players to pick from when thinking about our two keepers next season.  Michael Vick, Mathews?, maybe Felix Jones, Brandon Marshall, Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, and Michael Crabtree.  Some of these guys will be on different teams, or have new quarterbacks, or new coaches, so a lot needs to happen.  First we need to find out when they’ll be playing football again.

There you go.  At least I’m sleeping much better than I was in August.