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Fantasy poop.

This may be my final fantasy update of the season as I have no teams with anything to play for.  When we last spoke, Roll Over needed a small miracle to make the playoffs.  We had to win our game against the first place team, then have the 4th place team lose to a 4-9 team.  The 4-9 team started off with a zero from the Titans’ defense against the Colts on Thursday night, that didn’t bode well.  With his opponent starting Aaron Rodgers against the Lions, all seemed lost.  Then Rodgers got hurt early and I let a little slice of hope creep in….dummy.  The 4-9 team had picked up Lance Moore earlier in the week, but in this league, if you pick someone up they aren’t automatically placed in your starting lineup.  So this guy had a vacant spot in his lineup as the 4:00 games approached.  He had Lance Moore and Vincent Jackson to choose from, so I figured he was just waiting to see if Jackson was active.  4:15 came and went and he didn’t make any changes.  That was that.  His opponent had DeSean Jackson going on Sunday night to throw the last shovelfuls of dirt on our grave.  We won our game by 52 points, by the way, and are the overall points leader by more than 70 points.

What went wrong with this team?  Long story short, we were a victim of the schedule.  We were one of the top three scoring teams most weeks, but just happened to play someone that scored more that week.  In weeks 12 and 13, when all we needed was one win, we lost by a combined 1.74 points.  I blame Chris Johnson’s two week crapfest, and Andre Johnson’s ejection for this.  That’s that.

As for Space Mountain, ugggh.  As predicted Matt Prater got hurt, leaving us with no kicker, because we have no drop/add moves left.  This week, Kyle Orton got benched, or is he hurt too?  Honestly, I stopped looking.

I think there’s a chance we can finish in 4th and make some money, but I don’t care enough to do the math, because there’s a tie involved.  Ryan Mathews apparently had a good game finally.  Suck it, Ryan Mathews, suck it all day long.

What looks like our only bright spot, will surely lead to some frustration.  We actually have a lot of decent players to pick from when thinking about our two keepers next season.  Michael Vick, Mathews?, maybe Felix Jones, Brandon Marshall, Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, and Michael Crabtree.  Some of these guys will be on different teams, or have new quarterbacks, or new coaches, so a lot needs to happen.  First we need to find out when they’ll be playing football again.

There you go.  At least I’m sleeping much better than I was in August.


Fantasy Update

Down goes the optimism!  Down goes the optimism!  That didn’t take long.  I thought that Michael Vick’s 61-point performance last week may have been a small reward for all of the injuries we’ve dealt with.  It may have been just that, a small reward, because we certainly paid for it this week.  We suffered a 55 point loss this week, (another whooping at the hands of my Father) and of course we have to deal with another injury.  Brandon Marshall pulled his hammy on Thursday night leaving us an extra three days to wallow.  We started Johnny Knox in the Thursday night game as well, and if you’re getting 19 points combined from two receivers, you’re in for a tough week.  Add to that a 2 from Brandon Jacobs, a 3 from Michael Crabtree, and a 2 from Matt Prater, well, that’s 7 points from three more players.  Now we sit 3 games out of first with 6 to go.  Doable, sure, but there’s no room for error, or more injuries.

We have used up all of our drop/add moves for the year.  In TUFFKL we get 10 moves all season, but a maximum of one each week until the 10 run out.  We used our last one on Vincent Jackson last week,

Remember this giant omen from Panthers camp?

and if there was ever a candidate for the next guy to get injured, it’s the receiver who runs deep routes often, but hasn’t played a game all year.  Did I mention DeAngelo Williams got put on IR?  So now we have to carry his dead weight and we can’t even keep him next year.

Our starting line-up, except for our running backs, looks pretty dangerous on paper.  Vick, Felix Jones, Reggie Bush or Brandon Jacobs, and three out of Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, Michael Crabtree, Brandon Marshall, and Johnny Knox.  That would be a hell of a Madden team, even a decent fantasy team last year, but this year it’s just dreadful.

(Insert negative paragraph about Ryan Mathews here)

As for Her Sweetness’ league, well, I’m an eater.  When I’m eating, I generally eat the worst thing on the plate first to get it out of the way.  Why waste one of my last five forkfulls on peas and interrupt the porterhouse?  My point is that once I found out that the scoring in this league included decimals down to the hundreths, I knew Roll Over would lose a game my just a few hundreths.  I would have liked to have it happen early on when we were losing every week.  Nope, it happened this week against a team that has made one drop/add all year and started Jonathan Stewart (who didn’t play), Steve Smith of the Panthers, and the Panthers defense.  We lost by .04, that’s four yards from anyone.  Andre Johnson got shut down, Connor Barth missed a field goal, and Drew Brees and Marques Colston lit us up.

Roll Over now stands at 5-6, still a game out of third, and still the overall points leader.  I’m not worried, but I’m worried.  I sure wish the trading deadline in this league didn’t pass a month ago.

In other news:

  • Are you as excited as I am to see Jake Delhomme get the start against the Panthers?
  • If Brad Childress or Wade Phillips get a coaching job in Charlotte next year, I’m moving again.
  • That was pretty funny, Richard Seymour.
  • 9 episodes in and something almost happened on Dexter.
  • Randy Moss must be thrilled.

Michael Loves Michael

On Monday afternoon, I sent an email to my Life Associate and Space Mountain co-owner.  The email was sarcastically rooted in optimism.  We were losing our game by 48 points with only one player left, so I did some quick research and found out that the top two performances in the league this year were by Jahvid Best (48 points) and Kenny Britt (49 points).  Jason Hanson had the third highest scoring week.  He’s a kicker, more on kickers later.  As a loyal reader can guess, our one player was the newly acquired Michael Vick.  Just the fact that I’m writing this before 9:00 AM is a hint as to how it turned out.

I hadn’t even planned on watching the game.  Her Sweetness and I made the acquaintance of The First 48 over the weekend.  Long story short, it’s about homicide detectives trying to solve a case in the first forty eight hours after a murder.  I’ve seen it on the guide many times in the past, but I always thought it was a history show about the first 48 states, which wouldn’t interest me.  I was wrong, and I’m glad, it’s a good show.  So I figured we may watch a recorded episode of that before retiring for the evening, but I checked the game just to see what was happening and to verify that the  news of Donovan McNabb’s contract extension was true.  The Eagles were already up 7-0 and had the ball again and only about five minutes had been played.  Then Mike Tirico said that the Eagles had scored an 88-yard touchdown on their first play from scrimmage.  In TUFFKL, scoring 48 points is not impossible, and things like a long touchdown on the first play need to happen.  TUFFKL scoring gives 3 bonus points for every touchdown over 50 yards, so that first touchdown was worth 11 points, that’s a big dent.

Then it just got out of hand.  As you can guess, we won, it wasn’t even close.  Vick scored 61 points, we had the game wrapped up at the beginning of the third quarter, I think I’m in love.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to be on the other side of this.  If I were ahead in a game by 48 points and lost that quickly, I probably wouldn’t sleep until Thursday.  There has to be stories all over the country about fantasy games that were won and lost as a result of Vick’s performance.  What if he had only scored 47 and we lost by one?  Whew.

And to think that I was going to come on here and rant about what a bad week it was in TUFFKL.  Our game was going pretty badly on Sunday.  Everybody on our opponent’s team was scoring and no one on Space Mountain was, except for Kyle Orton who we had on our bench.  Brandon Jacobs and Michael Crabtree both had touchdowns called back, Brandon Marshall had two quarterbacks hurt, then he almost threw an interception himself, and apparently Ted Nugent reads my blog, because Mike Nugent blew out his knee on an onside kick.  But then Felix Jones had a 71-yard touchdown before the lights went out in East Rutherford and we were back in it.  Then came the low point of my Sunday.  We hadn’t started Nugent, instead we went with Matt Prater.  Our opponent started Ryan Succop.  At the end of the first half, Josh McDaniels decided to let Prater attempt a 58 yard field goal.  That’s 9 points for us if he makes it, and -2 if he misses it.  He missed it short and the Chiefs ran it all the way back in to field goal range.  Succop hit a 40-something yard field goal, that’s 6 points for our opponent and a 17 point swing in the game. I was mad.

I still had high hopes heading in to the Sunday night game.  We had the Steelers defense and Vick left against only Tom Brady, and we were down by around 10 points.  Surely that seemed doable.  Tom Brady had other plans, though, and he made the Steelers defense look pretty feminine.

But there is joy in Mudville today, readers.  Space Mountain got a win out of nowhere.  It’s one of those fantasy games that I’ll always remember.

I really drafted this guy once?

It’s up there with watching Rex Grossman throw 4 interceptions against the Cardinals in the “Crown their Asses” game a few years ago.  I was ahead 16 points in that game and Grossman ended up with a -12.

So all is well today.  In Her Sweetness’ work league, Roll Over had 110 points by 3:00 on Sunday.  The game actually got a little close last night, because our opponent had the Eagles defense, but we won by 16.  Our opponent started Steve Smith of the Giants who didn’t play, and he had the points on the bench to beat us.  It was that kind of week I guess.  At 5-5, we are now in a 5-way tie for third place.  We have the tie-breaker right now because we’re the highest scoring team in the league.  So with all that good news, this is where I get nervous and start waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Another Trade

Space Mountain lost again last week, putting up a sad 72 points in defeat.  You know me, though, I was still optimistic going in to the Monday night game with the Steelers defense and Mike Nugent trying to make up a 30-something point deficit.  Under TUFFKL scoring rules, kickers have much more value than they do in real life so we had a chance.  Field goals over 40 yards get 6 points, and field goals over 50 yards get 9 points.

Uncle Ted, if you're related to Mike, please stuff him and hang him on your wall at Thanksgiving.

You don’t have to ask how I feel about Mike Nugent after he missed 2 kicks that would have been worth 15 points.  Instead he lost 4 points, but managed 3 extra points for a whopping -1 point for the evening.  That’s a 19 point swing in a game that we lost by 23 points.  So I headed off to bed, pissed off again, and missed what was apparently a pretty exciting finish.

That’s fine, it was a tough loss to a good team, we’re still in good shape because Matthew Stafford is back and throwing touchdowns to Megatr…what?  He’s hurt?  No, he just came back from a shoulder injury, that must be the one you’re talking about…another one?  What?  Come on!  Better yet, Come On Man!  It’s really getting ugly inside Space Mountain.  We have to keep shutting down the ride to make repairs and the childrens are getting upset and going to ride the Tea Cups and that submarine thing.  We need to fix this.  We need a man the children can get behind.  We need a man that everyone in America loves!  It’s trade time!

Since the draft we thought that running back was one of our strengths.  Actually, other than quarterback (we drafted Stafford and Kevin Kolb) we felt we were strong everywhere.  Our running backs this week were DeAngelo Williams (injured), Cedric Benson (a Bengal), Ryan Mathews (a cross between watching “Open Water” and being stuck in traffic), and Brandon Jacobs (our best back?).  We were in need of a quarterback because after Stafford we only have Kyle Orton who could be Tebowed in the coming weeks.  It just so happened that another team, the Equipment Managers, had three quarterbacks, and a worse running back situation.

Go Space Mountain!

His quarterbacks were Michael Vick (an ex-con and the opposite of Sarah McLachlan), Ben Rosinbagger (a penis user), and Carson Palmer (a Bengal…for now).  His backs were Jamaal Charles, Felix Jones, Jonathan Stewart, and Cadillac Williams.  Combined all of our backs stink this year, but most of ours at least get playing time, they just don’t do anything with it.  So I shot off an email to the owner who is a frequent trading partner of Space Mountain’s, in fact we got DeAngelo Williams from him just last year.

My email basically asked if we could swing a back for a quarterback.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Space Mountain dropped Danny Amendola and picked up Reggie Bush to add some depth.  TUFFKL rosters carry 2 QB’s, 4 RB’s, 5 WR/TE’s, and a wild card spot that can be used anywhere.  His 3rd QB was his wild card, our 5th RB was ours.  So we could merely trade a RB for a QB straight-up and be done with it.  But we hit a snag.  Mathews and Bush are on byes this week, and DeAngelo is still out with an injury.  That left us with Jacobs and Benson.  He wanted to trade Benson for Rosinbagger or Palmer, which we would have done were it not for the bye issues.  We offered to wait a week, but he really needed a back this week.  He came back with Benson and Stafford (who’s probably out for the year and becomes a dead roster spot) for Vick and Felix Jones.  He mentioned that he was unsure if he wanted to do that yet, but he floated it out there.  It meant we would have to start Felix Jones this week, but it also meant we’d have Michael Vick who suddenly seems to have a nice fantasy future ahead of him.  He can also be kept for 2 more years after this and who knows what team he’ll end up on next year, even if it’s the Eagles, I’ll take it.  So we made the official offer and he accepted, just like that we have Michael Vick.  I wasn’t expecting that, I was expecting Rosinbagger who seems to wind up on a Space Mountain roster every year, now we have Vick’s rushing yards, long touchdown bonus points,  and keeper future.  We also have his injury history, but I’m pretending he doesn’t have one.

There is no magic formula for winning TUFFKL.  The closest thing I can come up with is you need some form of touchdown production from at least one running back, you need to get lucky on a third wide receiver late in the draft, but most of all you need to have a stud quarterback.  Or just have Rob Bironas.  Whether Vick winds up being our stud QB for the next few years I don’t know.  Two months ago I thought we’d be a lock to keep Brandon Marshall and Ryan Mathews.  Now I have no idea, it all depends on where Vick goes next year and who Michael Crabtree and Sidney Rice’s quarterbacks are whenever football is played again.  Hell, the TUFFKL trading deadline is a few weeks from now, so our roster could be drastically different in a few weeks anyway.

In Her Sweetness’ work league, Roll Over laid another whooping on some other team.  At 4-5, we are the overall points leader, have won 2 in a row (!), and are in 6th place only a game out of 3rd.  We already had Joe Flacco and Roddy White play this week, again I went to bed at halftime which seems to help as Flacco did nothing in the first half, but lit it up while I was asleep.  We have 46 points between the 2 of them while our opponent, who is also 4-5, got only 14.8 points from Anquan Boldin and Tony Gonzalez.  It’s a good start for us, but I’m still nervous.

The trading deadline in that league came and went without a deal on Friday.  I don’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, but before last week’s games, I was able to trade Lance Moore for Malcolm Floyd to a team that need a receiver badly with Floyd hurt and his bye coming up.  With Reggie Bush back, Moore’s production figures to go down, the same could be said about Floyd with Vincent Jackson coming back, but Floyd is our 5th receiver so it may never matter.  I’m still paranoid, though because our three top receivers (Andre Johnson, White, and the Bucs’ Mike Williams) all have some sort of injury.  I thought about trying to make a deal for Hakeem Nicks or DeSean Jackson, but decided to do nothing and hope.

We also made a few moves to go all in on our running backs.  With only Beanie Wells and BenJarvisGreenEllis behind Arian Foster and Chris Johnson, and no open roster spots, it made sense to me to drop Wells and BenJarvisGreenEllis and add Foster and Johnson’s back-ups, so I did.  I’d never start Wells or BenJarvisGreenEllis over Foster or Johnson anyway so why not protect myself with Derrick Ward and Javon Ringer.  Done.

We even stumbled into good tight end depth somehow, adding Visanthe Shiancoe and Jacob Tamme, so this team seems good to go.  I think I’m most proud of adding the Cardinals defense last week right before their game against the Childress-hating, interception throwing, disaster waiting to happen Vikings.

Here's hoping these two really like the end of "Thelma and Louise".

In this league, there is usually a defense available every week with a decent match-up, but I’m sticking with the Cardinals against Pete Carrol’s team this week.  I’m hoping for another Charlie Whitehurst appearance.

Anyway, that ends a fairly optimistic sounding fantasy update.  I’ll probably be back with the anger on Tuesday to let you know who got hurt.


I almost don’t want to catch you up on my fantasy doings, because I don’t want to jinx anything.  I guess it’s a risk you take when you decide to blog about fantasy football.  Jinx be damned, I’m blogging.

This season continues to be predictably unpredictable.  I remember thinking about the Yahoo league during week 4.  I was contemplating a trade and I remember feeling that my team shouldn’t be in danger of losing a  game until week 8.  You can imagine how it felt to muster only one win since then with the big week 8 match-up upon us.  It turned out to be no contest at all, Roll Over won by 30 points, as the combination of Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Pierre Garcon scored a combined 45 points on Monday night.  Because the standings are so close, Roll Over vaulted from 11th to 7th place with only one win.  We are now just one win out of the last playoff spot.  If only Andre Johnson would heal.

As for Space Mountain, well, we squeezed out a big win in a game that I thought we had no right to win.  It’s good to win one of those.  Our opponent was stacked at receiver with Andre Johnson, Kenny Britt, and Antonio Gates starting.  Add Matt Schaub to that and it looked like we were going to have another miserable Monday night.  But then each of his receivers had some sort of injury to deal with, Britt being the worst and getting zero points.  We rode Matthew Stafford’s big effort, and Garcon held off Johnson and Schaub on Monday night to give us a 5-point victory.  We’re 4-4 and only 2 games out of first place.  I’d be feeling pretty confident if the Bengals decided to run the ball or if Ryan Mathews decided to stay healthy for longer than 10 minutes.

This figures to be a pivotal week for both teams, which means I could be pretty sour or downright enthusiastic come Monday.  Either way, I’ll probably have a better weekend than Brad Childress.

So it goes.

There are things in life that are going to happen whether you like it or not, you just have to suck it up, let it happen, and deal with it.  If you switch to what appears to be a shorter line in a grocery store, undoubtedly you’ll wind up being in the new line twice as long.  If you’re watching a football show and people are talking, Brett Favre will get mentioned.  This.  These things all suck, but there’s nothing you can do about it.  As of, hell, I don’t even remember when, I’m adding this fantasy football season to the list.  It’s been brutal.  Sundays suck, Sunday nights suck, and Monday nights make me wonder if passing a kidney stone can really be that bad.

When I last spoke about my fantasy teams, I believe I had just made the Andre Johnson/Tom Brady trade.  I think both teams had won and I thought I was back on track.  Well, the following Tuesday was the TUFFKL drop/add, in which each team gets one move a week.  Since we were feeling comfortable, and we had to drop Jermichael Finley, we decided that we could pick up Sidney Rice and stash him away for a few weeks.  About 24 hours later I was breezing through the internets.  “Hey, that headline I just scrolled by, that looked like it said Dallas Clark may be out for the year.  I’m getting older, my eyes probably screwed up my brain, it was probably something about the Dallas Cowboys being terrible.  Yeah, that’s it.  Let me just scroll up and take a peak anyway.

Where's your Dr. James Andrews now, Dallas Clark?

No.  Why?  That’s…why?  Why is this happening!  This was a good team!  We were going to be contenders!  This doesn’t happen!  How can this be fixed!?  Boo hoo!”  So there we were, Space Mountain, with Clark and Finley our #2 and #3 receivers/tight ends on injured reserve.  At least we just picked up the injured Sidney Rice.

It’s really been ass.  This last week was an all important position week.  Since we couldn’t replace Clark with anyone, we had to go with Brandon Marshall, Johnny Knox, and Danny Amendola as our starting wide receivers.  Mind you, I was at Bank of America Stadium with Her Sweetness and my parents watching the Panthers play the 49ers.  So, it was quite a thrill when the out-of-town scoreboard showed me that both Knox and Amendola had scored.  How often does that happen on the same day?  Of course Ryan Mathews continues to be a lot of very vulgar adjectives, but we managed have a lead of about 20 points heading into the Monday night game.  We had no one left playing, and our opponent had Tony Romo and Jason Witten still.  I had conceded defeat, and in fact a loss wouldn’t have been terrible, because there isn’t a lot of separation in the standings just yet and we needed to have decent drop/add position.  You see, Pierre Garcon was buried on the available free agents list, because he had only played one or two games, but he’s back now and with Clark out, he becomes pretty important to the Colts offense.  There was probably a 4 spot swing in the drop/add list riding on whether or not we won this game.  So having conceded  defeat especially after Romo threw a touchdown to Witten early in the game, my brain turned to mush when Romo got knocked out.  We were still up by about 8 points and is Kitna.  We could win.  Do I want to win?  What do I do?  Should I just go to sleep?  No, I’ll watch and get pissed off as Kitna waits until the fourth quarter to dump off to Witten 35 times so we can lose by 10.

Fine, that’s fine.  Just please let Garcon be there when we’re up in the drop/add.

This came up on the image search for "garcon", so here.

We were fifth in the order, and of course the first person took until Wednesday to make a pick, but it wasn’t Garcon.  Of course it wasn’t.  This is a guy that started a kicker on a bye week, had Gostkowski and his 20 points on the bench, and lost by 4 points.  The next 2 picks were quarterbacks which left one more team to make a move or pass before us.  Somehow Lee Evans has had a decent last two weeks and has rocketed up to the top of the free agent list,  and he got taken by the team picking before us.  So after all that, we have Pierre Garcon as our #2 or #3 receiver and I have no doubt that he will be injured on Monday night.  Did I mention that we have Louis Murphy too?  Yeah, he bruised a lung.  Who bruises a lung?

As for the other league, Roll Over lost again.  We have the second most points in the league and we’re 2-5.  The Saints deciding not to show up killed us.  So did Dwayne Bowe.  Every team we play has their best week against us.  If you have a tough line-up decision, let me know, I’ll see if Roll Over is playing against any of your guys that week and if they are you can plug them in.  The glimmer of hope is that there are only 2 other good teams in the league.  At 2-5, we’re in 11th place, but only 2 games out of the playoffs.  Somehow we have to leap frog 7 teams in the standings by week 14.  So it goes.

A New Hope

Make no mistake, I’m not adding up any unhatched chickens just yet, but things are looking good for Space Mountain and Roll Over this week.  Roll Over has ridden it’s Texans, Andre Johnson and Arian Foster to a 63.82 point lead heading in to tonight’s stellar match-up.  Our opponent still has Maurice Jones-Drew, Marcedes Lewis, and Josh Scobee to play, while we’re still holding Chris Johnson in our pocket.  I’m optimistic, but I know better than to think it’s over.

On the surface, mainly because we’re winning, it looks like last week’s trade has worked out, but a look at the numbers tells us that’s false.  Was there any doubt that Greg Jennings was going to break out yesterday?  Did you kick yourself in the balls when he had an 86-yard touchdown in the first quarter?  I did.  It took Johnson and Foster a while to show up, but show up they did.  As it turns out Johnson only outscored Jennings by .5 points as they both had big days.  I also started the newly acquired Tom Brady over Joe Flacco too, just because, and I lost that decision by 6 points.  I’ll be recording my new single, “I’ve Got the 3rd Receiver Blues” this week, look for it on Itunes or steal it elsewhere.  You’ll remember last week that I decided to start Tampa Bay’s Mike Williams as my 3rd receiver for the rest of the year and not think twice about it.  Did you kick yourself in the balls when Lance Moore scored a 41-yard touchdown in the first quarter?  I did.  I also left Pierre Garcon on the bench.  My balls hurt.

Space Mountain’s balls hurt before 1:00 even came around.  We had DeAngelo Williams and Cedric Benson on byes, which left us with Ryan Mathews and Brandon Jacobs.

What a week we're having!

Mathews may be turning into a fantasy flop the likes we haven’t see since Eugene Levy threw water on Daryl Hannah outside that black-tie dinner.  And Jacobs, well, he scares me.  Plaxico Burress is probably a little happy to be in jail, because there’s got to be a slight chance that Jacobs could decide to squeeze the life out of someone just because it happens to be a Wednesday.

This handsome lady probably doesn't have Brandon Jacobs on her fantasy team.

We picked up Jacobs a few weeks ago because we saw the approaching bye problem and Jacobs had the best available match-up of the players available (the Lions), so we kissed Lawrence Maroney’s non-scoring ass goodbye.  Around 1:00 yesterday, I texted my Life Associate something to the effect of, “What have we become?  We’re counting on Brandon Jacobs.”  Then I remembered:  The Luxor, 2005.

You may remember that in week 2 of the 2005 season the Giants were slated to play at New Orleans.  This was not very long after Hurricane Katrina hit, and the NFL decided to make this a Saints’ “home game” at the Meadowlands.  That just means that the end zones had the Saints logo in it and the Giants got to call the coin toss.  That’s about it.  Anyway, I was in Vegas with my family at the time and my Father and I came across a proposition sheet with the odds to score the first touchdown of the game.  For some reason, Brandon Jacobs, the goal line back was going off at 20-1.  Yes, have some.  We had reservations for dinner, but were going to be able to catch the first half hour of the game at the Luxor sports book.  The Saints received the opening kickoff and promptly fumbled it away to the Giants at the 10-yard line.  Tiki Barber, a scumbag, ran the ball twice and got to the 1-yard line.  He recovered his own fumble on the second carry, prompting Jacobs to be sent in to finish off the quick drive.  Handoff to Jacobs, touchdown.  Bet won, let’s eat.  It took less than two minutes off the clock.

Brandon Jacobs must have felt our connection yesterday.  He only gained 35 yards, but he scored two short touchdowns, which is one more than Madison Mathews has all year.  Space Mountain is leading by 35 points with only Nate Washington going against us.  Nate Washington seems like a nice enough guy, I’d hate to have to hate him.

One last note: I’ve recently been contributing to a Panthers website as well as a college football website where I write about N.C. State.

Some of the Panthers content requires a paid registration.  The college site is all free:

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