Survivor: Mr. Farty

And so Marty is gone.  I never really cared for the guy, but for some reason I was rooting for him to stay.  I really don’t know why either, maybe because he was one out of three people that actually seem to be playing the game and not just cruising by “playing” dumb like Fabio, or maybe it was his walk that apparently sucks.  I do look forward to seeing how his hair progresses on the jury.  I hope he doesn’t wash it.

Marty’s game was flawed, though, but he’s not alone.  The flaw was that he focused on Jane too much, when he should have been stirring up the Brenda/Sash pot.  These two are calling the shots and both seem intent on bringing Naonka and her immunity idol to the finals.  Everyone seems to think that they are in an alliance with Brenda and Sash, even Marty did, but Marty seemed to be the last common enemy that they all had.  Now that he’s gone, it should start to get a little grimy and people are going to have to start playing whether they want to or not.

I thought the guys going on the reward may have been the start of something, but Marty seemed blind to the fact that Sash is going to tell Brenda everything.  Any big plot to stir things up cannot be told to Brenda or Sash.  Is everyone missing this?

Clearly Purple Kelly doesn’t have her head in the game.  The first two sentences she spoke in quite a while were, “I’m gonna cry” and “I’m hungry”.  It was made clear that she has no strong alliance with the men, not strong enough for them to give up barbecue anyway.  Smart decision picking the women there, Chase.  He’s another dummy that won’t win, but managed to figure out Marty’s plan to flush out the idol, which just shows how bad of a plan it was.  I’m assuming Holly is just floating along waiting to get eliminated too, but people have won that way.  It could just be that none of these people get along and don’t want to be in an alliance to overthrow Brenda and Sash.  Somehow I can see Dan and Naonka sitting in the finals with the winner of the eventual Sash/Brenda back stab.

There is usually a big move made around this time in the game, and then one more when it gets down to about five people.  But one of the most indifferent casts in the show’s history might just plod along and get eliminated one after the other.  We’re due for a challenge in which the contestants are given three ropes and everyone takes an axe to someone else’s rope.  This usually makes the pecking order and alliances stand out so everyone knows where they stand.  The problem is that I don’t think Brenda and Sash know what the pecking order is.  Naonka seems to be the third in their alliance, but after that it’s a toss up.  Getting rid of Marty was an easy call, but now what?  Fabio, Benry, and Dan all voted with Marty.  Does that make them the next to go?

Survivor Freeze Frame of the Week: Since you’ve been so nice, this week you get two.  The first I call “Mr. Farty goes to Town.”

The second one I call “What Happens when you say ‘Barbecue’ to starving People”


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