I almost don’t want to catch you up on my fantasy doings, because I don’t want to jinx anything.  I guess it’s a risk you take when you decide to blog about fantasy football.  Jinx be damned, I’m blogging.

This season continues to be predictably unpredictable.  I remember thinking about the Yahoo league during week 4.  I was contemplating a trade and I remember feeling that my team shouldn’t be in danger of losing a  game until week 8.  You can imagine how it felt to muster only one win since then with the big week 8 match-up upon us.  It turned out to be no contest at all, Roll Over won by 30 points, as the combination of Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and Pierre Garcon scored a combined 45 points on Monday night.  Because the standings are so close, Roll Over vaulted from 11th to 7th place with only one win.  We are now just one win out of the last playoff spot.  If only Andre Johnson would heal.

As for Space Mountain, well, we squeezed out a big win in a game that I thought we had no right to win.  It’s good to win one of those.  Our opponent was stacked at receiver with Andre Johnson, Kenny Britt, and Antonio Gates starting.  Add Matt Schaub to that and it looked like we were going to have another miserable Monday night.  But then each of his receivers had some sort of injury to deal with, Britt being the worst and getting zero points.  We rode Matthew Stafford’s big effort, and Garcon held off Johnson and Schaub on Monday night to give us a 5-point victory.  We’re 4-4 and only 2 games out of first place.  I’d be feeling pretty confident if the Bengals decided to run the ball or if Ryan Mathews decided to stay healthy for longer than 10 minutes.

This figures to be a pivotal week for both teams, which means I could be pretty sour or downright enthusiastic come Monday.  Either way, I’ll probably have a better weekend than Brad Childress.


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