So it goes.

There are things in life that are going to happen whether you like it or not, you just have to suck it up, let it happen, and deal with it.  If you switch to what appears to be a shorter line in a grocery store, undoubtedly you’ll wind up being in the new line twice as long.  If you’re watching a football show and people are talking, Brett Favre will get mentioned.  This.  These things all suck, but there’s nothing you can do about it.  As of, hell, I don’t even remember when, I’m adding this fantasy football season to the list.  It’s been brutal.  Sundays suck, Sunday nights suck, and Monday nights make me wonder if passing a kidney stone can really be that bad.

When I last spoke about my fantasy teams, I believe I had just made the Andre Johnson/Tom Brady trade.  I think both teams had won and I thought I was back on track.  Well, the following Tuesday was the TUFFKL drop/add, in which each team gets one move a week.  Since we were feeling comfortable, and we had to drop Jermichael Finley, we decided that we could pick up Sidney Rice and stash him away for a few weeks.  About 24 hours later I was breezing through the internets.  “Hey, that headline I just scrolled by, that looked like it said Dallas Clark may be out for the year.  I’m getting older, my eyes probably screwed up my brain, it was probably something about the Dallas Cowboys being terrible.  Yeah, that’s it.  Let me just scroll up and take a peak anyway.

Where's your Dr. James Andrews now, Dallas Clark?

No.  Why?  That’s…why?  Why is this happening!  This was a good team!  We were going to be contenders!  This doesn’t happen!  How can this be fixed!?  Boo hoo!”  So there we were, Space Mountain, with Clark and Finley our #2 and #3 receivers/tight ends on injured reserve.  At least we just picked up the injured Sidney Rice.

It’s really been ass.  This last week was an all important position week.  Since we couldn’t replace Clark with anyone, we had to go with Brandon Marshall, Johnny Knox, and Danny Amendola as our starting wide receivers.  Mind you, I was at Bank of America Stadium with Her Sweetness and my parents watching the Panthers play the 49ers.  So, it was quite a thrill when the out-of-town scoreboard showed me that both Knox and Amendola had scored.  How often does that happen on the same day?  Of course Ryan Mathews continues to be a lot of very vulgar adjectives, but we managed have a lead of about 20 points heading into the Monday night game.  We had no one left playing, and our opponent had Tony Romo and Jason Witten still.  I had conceded defeat, and in fact a loss wouldn’t have been terrible, because there isn’t a lot of separation in the standings just yet and we needed to have decent drop/add position.  You see, Pierre Garcon was buried on the available free agents list, because he had only played one or two games, but he’s back now and with Clark out, he becomes pretty important to the Colts offense.  There was probably a 4 spot swing in the drop/add list riding on whether or not we won this game.  So having conceded  defeat especially after Romo threw a touchdown to Witten early in the game, my brain turned to mush when Romo got knocked out.  We were still up by about 8 points and is Kitna.  We could win.  Do I want to win?  What do I do?  Should I just go to sleep?  No, I’ll watch and get pissed off as Kitna waits until the fourth quarter to dump off to Witten 35 times so we can lose by 10.

Fine, that’s fine.  Just please let Garcon be there when we’re up in the drop/add.

This came up on the image search for "garcon", so here.

We were fifth in the order, and of course the first person took until Wednesday to make a pick, but it wasn’t Garcon.  Of course it wasn’t.  This is a guy that started a kicker on a bye week, had Gostkowski and his 20 points on the bench, and lost by 4 points.  The next 2 picks were quarterbacks which left one more team to make a move or pass before us.  Somehow Lee Evans has had a decent last two weeks and has rocketed up to the top of the free agent list,  and he got taken by the team picking before us.  So after all that, we have Pierre Garcon as our #2 or #3 receiver and I have no doubt that he will be injured on Monday night.  Did I mention that we have Louis Murphy too?  Yeah, he bruised a lung.  Who bruises a lung?

As for the other league, Roll Over lost again.  We have the second most points in the league and we’re 2-5.  The Saints deciding not to show up killed us.  So did Dwayne Bowe.  Every team we play has their best week against us.  If you have a tough line-up decision, let me know, I’ll see if Roll Over is playing against any of your guys that week and if they are you can plug them in.  The glimmer of hope is that there are only 2 other good teams in the league.  At 2-5, we’re in 11th place, but only 2 games out of the playoffs.  Somehow we have to leap frog 7 teams in the standings by week 14.  So it goes.


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