Survivor: Last night.

I apologize for my absence last week  How dare I miss a double elimination episode?  Even though there was a double elimination, it was pretty uneventful.  Plus, my parents were visiting and we got wrapped up in Ma’s Roadhouse.

I want her voice on my GPS.

I’m back this week, though, and Marty’s still a jackass.  What he did last night just still doesn’t make any sense to me.  The only reason to give Sash his idol is if he really trusts that Sash will give it back…that ain’t happening.  I’ll give Marty this, he’s one of a few people that seems to be playing the game.  Right now he’s playing, because his ass is on the line, but he’s been playing the whole time unlike Purple Kelly who has gotten minimal speaking time this season.  I can see why.

But back to the hidden immunity idol, it’s going to be a big deal now with the merge happening next week.  Before the tribes split up, Sash, Brenda, Naonka, and Chase all had an alliance.  I think Purple Kelly may have been in there too, but I don’t remember because she never talked.  Now there are 2 immunity idol’s in that alliance, assuming Naonka still has hers.  It hasn’t gotten mentioned once since the new tribes formed.  That leaves Holly, Fabio, Jane, Dan, Marty, Alina, and maybe Purple Kelly.  Oh, I forgot Benry.  I don’t know where his alliance was either, but he’s going to win a lot of individual immunity challenges, so he’ll become a target anyway.  Naonka hates Fabio so he’ll be on the outs of that alliance.  In fact, Jane, Purple Kelly, and Benry all probably think they’re in that alliance, but they aren’t, and just don’t know it yet.  This seems like the perfect opportunity for Marty to get numbers back on his side, but does anyone trust him?  Fabio, Jane, Alina, and Dan have a chance to make something happen, but I don’t think any of them realize it.  There are two immunity idols in the other alliance, so how do you structure the votes to get someone out?

Brenda jumps out as the odd woman out, because she’s a strong player and doesn’t have an idol.  Actually this is all her own doing, because she let Naonka find her idol, and asking Marty for his was her idea, but she let Sash do it.  So she has the trust of the people who have idols, but she doesn’t have any idols herself.  Personally, I’d take any idols over the trust of anyone in Survivor.  Regardless, Brenda and Sash seem like they’re going to the finals together and will bring probably Naonka along for the ride because she won’t get any votes.  Right now, it’s tough to pick the better player between Sash and Brenda, which means they may see it the same way.  It would be too risky for either of them to have the other against them in the finals.  One of them will blindside the other sooner or later, I see Brenda taking out Sash.

A few other thoughts:

  • If they don’t let Purple Kelly talk the rest of the way until she’s voted out, that’s fine with me.
  • Why are they still calling her Purple Kelly since she’s the only Kelly left?
  • Why don’t we get to see the Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide the order of challenges?  How long can that take?
  • Sash’s Freudian slip at tribal council is no big deal.  It’s what everyone that has the idol should be thinking.  He was chosen to ask for it, he pulled it off, it’s his.
  • I always enjoy the vote gulp when someone gets votes no matter how safe they feel.  Jane had a good one last night.

My pick Jill update: Gone!  Oh well, I’m not upset.  I wasn’t even rooting for her, because she didn’t make me want to.  Was she even trying?  Was she just letting Marty play for her?  Get lost Jill, you were a Survivor disappointment.

Freeze Frame of the Week: There weren’t a lot of candidates this week, so I went with a rare find.  Dan doing something!


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