Brandon Lloyd, Hakeem Nicks, Austin Collie, Malcolm Floyd.  Those are the top four wide receivers in The Union’s league.  Two of them probably weren’t even drafted.  I’m disgusted, this is just not a fun year.  We lost again, this time to the league’s only 0-4 team dropping us into a stunning tie for last place.  I usually write this fantasy wrap-up article on Tuesday afternoon, but I’m doing it now, before I’ve even had coffee, because I just want to be done with it and move on.

We have more in common than I thought, Jake.

It started early with Jermichael Finley getting carted off the field in the first quarter.  Guess what?  I have him in both leagues, there will be no rejoicing.  Boooo.  This means I get to spend today waiting nervously for the MRI results of a man I will never meet.  The good news for The Union was that   our opponent had Mark Clayton (bad news for him) who also went down in the first quarter so we were all square there.  I should tell you that every week I’ve picked the wrong 3rd receiver to start.  The Union has Roddy White and Greg Jennings, two guys that you have to start every week.

While you're down there, ask the Big Guy for some more TD's.

You’ll remember that I passed on Miles Austin in the draft for Jennings, I was scared off by the addition of Dez Bryant.  I can feel the ulcer developing.  Jennings and the Packers have been a disappointment.  For the second straight year they tore it up in the preseason.  Last year I knew better than to buy in, this year I had a lapse.  It doesn’t help that they can’t run the ball either.  This could all turn around, though if they trade for DeAngelo Williams which is a rumor floating around Charlotte.  The other receivers on the roster are Mike Williams (TB), Lance Moore, and Pierre Garcon  (anyone know a keyboard command to make the “c” with the tail?).  I have started the wrong one every week.  Yesterday my instinct said to start Lance Moore against Arizona, so I was going to pull a Costanza and go against my instinct and start Williams.  At 12:45 I decided that this would be the last week that I would trust my instinct and I went with Moore.

It's not you, it's Lance Moore.

Lance Moore: 1 catch, 8 yards, .8 points.

Mike Williams: 7 catches, 99 yards, 1 TD, 15.9 points.

We lost by 11.7 points.  That decision was the difference in the game.  I’m going to kick myself in the balls.

Before I do that, I’ll let you know that Space Mountain, thanks to having nothing from Jermichael Finley and Johnny Knox, is ahead by 6 points with Randy Moss going against us tonight.  What are the odds that Moss goes catchless two Monday night games in a row.  Favre’s penis and my Dolphins fanhood aside, I’m pulling for Revis tonight.



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