Survivor: Week 4

This Survivor recap is not brought to you by Sears.  When this season started I thought it had the potential for a lot of psycho fireworks and so far it’s been a bit of a letdown.  Mainly because the older tribe keeps losing and the show has to spend the last 15 minutes of the episodes on them.  The potential for psycho fireworks in the tribe are dynamite.  More on that in a minute.  Another possible reason for the letdown is that there’s still only one challenge per episode, thus less agony of defeat/thrill of victory footage.  Perhaps the producers are realizing that the older tribe is going to get decimated hence the dropping of the buffs next week.

First things first, no matter what she does with the immunity idol or how far she makes it, if Naonka thinks she’s getting a single vote from the jury I have this to say to her.  She said it’s starting to hit her that there’s a million dollars at stake.  She has an odd way of showing it.  If you’re Kelly B. or Alina and you’re getting bullied by her and the numbers aren’t on your side, you have two options:

1.  Have a “How big of a bitch is Naonka” freak out in front of the whole tribe.

2.  Hang in there and hope to make the merge and the other tribe has enough people in it that you can jump to their side.

You already know she has the idol (Brenda “helped” her find it), that’s good info for the other tribe.  Of course the producers threw in option 3 which is mix everybody up early.  At least that’s what it looks like.

Actually this may be better for the “minority” alliance in the younger tribe.  If they keep winning then they don’t get to vote Kelly B. or Alina off, which keeps them there to jump to the other side eventually.  It’ll be interesting how this all shakes out and which of the new tribes gets the MEDALLION OF POWER!!!!!

I don’t know about you, but if I were the one yelling out orders in the challenge, I’d be telling people to turn like the face of a clock.  “Jimmy T., three o’clock, 12 big steps.” Left and right just don’t do it when you can’t see anything.  The older tribe practiced and everything and still failed miserably.

Poor Jimmy T.  Did I read correctly that the man who could figure out that fishing net is a fisherman?


Hi, Tom.


Whether it’s editing or not, he seemed pretty annoying most of the time out there, but I’m sorry, if it’s pouring, no one can sleep, and we just voted off Jimmy Johnson, I’d probably join in and belt out Tom Petty’s “American Girl” right along with him.  It took me a second viewing to figure out what the hell song he was singing.  He murdered it and I’m not crazy about a lot of Tommy Petty’s stuff, but that’s a classic.

Three other things:

  • Everyone keeps talking about what a great leader Jimmy Johnson was.  I just don’t think leadership is that important of a trait on Survivor.
  • Lots of footage of bugs eating bugs this week.
  • The Naonka/Brenda/Chase immunity idol thing could get very ugly and cause a big fracture.  Especially since Brenda doesn’t want Chase to mention to Naonka that he knows she has it.  That guy is telling somebody.  This tribe mix-up could be bonkers.

This week’s “My pick, Jill” update: Eh.  She’s still hanging around.  I don’t know what her “I’ll do whatever you say, Marty” plan is, but hopefully those two and Dan the Gimp have as strong of an alliance as they think.  Although she did say something to the effect of “I’m not sure I can make it another 28 days out here.”  Ruh roh.

Here’s hoping we get some fireworks next week.  At least it looks like Naonka is crying.  Here’s your freeze frame of the week followed by a special video bonus that my family and I created for my Mama’s birthday:

Survivor Freeze Frame of the Week:


3 responses to “Survivor: Week 4

  1. yes, you did see correctly……….Jimmy J. is a fisherman. Ha.
    Can’t wait to see her crying next week either. Love the pic of Marty……..and MY VIDEO !!!!!!

  2. You should know that I woke up today with the song from your video in my head….I had to watch it again. It was just as amazing as it was the first time! Also whenever I hear “what is home” I picture you in PJs playing the keyboard with oven mitts.

    • Thanks, I’m sad to be done with the video, but I probably listened to that song 5 times a day for a week. You’ll enjoy real oven mitts at your Crowes concerts during “Wiser Time”.

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