Survivor: Week 3

I’ll get the Naonka talk out of the way first.  If you have nothing going for you in life and/or you’re a fame whore, one way to get noticed is to stand out on a reality show.  If she’s doing nothing else, Naonka is making her case to be on the next All-Stars vs. Villains cast, should they decide to go that route with the next all-stars installment.  My thinking is that this gym teacher from Los Angeles is looking to cash in on the fame that’s tossed around these days, and she probably will.  She’ll at least get a clip or two on The Soup, I hope that’s as far as it goes.  I haven’t felt this kind of dislike for a Survivor contestant since Dreamz screwed Yau- Man.

Don't you just want to hug him?

There was only one challenge again this week, do they usually do this before the merge?  Maybe they do, but it seems odd.  I noticed there was no choreographed dance entrance into the challenge by the young tribe.  I wonder if their creativity is sapped or if Shannon was the one coming up with all of those zany ideas and now that he’s gone there’s no one creative left.

Smart move by the young tribe  not using the Medallion of Power, it seemed completely winnable for them given all of the running, lifting, and Dan’s immobility.  More on Dan’s immobility later.

Let’s talk about Marty and my pick to win this thing, Jill.  Jill was cruising along, actually making me feel good about picking her to win it, then the Immunity Idol sucked the smart right out of her.  Why can’t anyone keep their mouths shut out there?  What sense does it make to tell the tribe that you have the idol.  Only two people on the whole island know who has it, knowledge is power!  If this were a tribe that were completely united and focused and winning, sure than I can understand letting the whole tribe know.  But this tribe is not united, they’ll fracture before the merge and either they blindside Marty before the merge or he gets nervous fearing a blindside and plays the idol.  Either way, Marty’s idol won’t make it to the merge.

As for the young tribe’s idol, didn’t Kelly B. and Alina already find a clue for their idol?  What are they waiting for?  Look for it!

I really don’t have much to say about Jimmy Johnson getting voted out.  I’m kind of indifferent about the whole thing.  I’m not sure that I’m fully on board with his leadership being such a great quality out there.  This isn’t a bunch of coked-up athletes that he Herschel Walker traded his way in to.  These are 40-and-over people playing a cutthroat game.  What good is leadership if you’re playing a game built on not trusting anyone?  Anyway, I’m not sad to see him go.  Had he not drafted Cecil Collins and Karim Abdul-Jabbar to run the football for the Dolphins, I may not be as bitter, but he did, so I am.

Finally that brings me to a new feature to my Survivor recaps.  I’ve thought that The Soup should add this for a while.  I’ll call it my Survivor Freeze Frame of the Week.  Maybe it’s just me, but on occasion I’ll pause the DVR and the faces that the freeze frame catches are pretty funny.  Actually this week’s episode was pretty weak as far as funny faces go, but the winner also provided the quote of the week.

Tyrone talking about Dan’s immobility, “Dude got ailments.”

Freeze Frame of the Week.


4 responses to “Survivor: Week 3

  1. I did not want JJ to go this soon. It just made me realize how much I dislike Marty, who looks like Phil Vassar, who of course you would not know since he’s a country singer. No comment about the *&^#)@^ gym teacher. Those poor poor kids.

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  3. I am just loving your articles, keep em comming.

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