Fantasy update: Week 3

Quick, who’s the highest scoring receiver in both leagues I’m in (one’s PPR, and one isn’t)?  In both formats it’s Austin Collie.  Austin F’ing Collie.  You’ll have no problem believing that one of my teams was unfortunate enough to be playing against Collie when he mowed through the Broncos like Evel Dick mowed through the Big Brother house.

Let's shred the Broncos, Peyton. Ruffff!

What the hell, Broncos?  Someone named Blair White even scored against them.  This was in the league that I’m in with Her Sweetness, and it was just one of those weeks.  We got beaten by the team that had the highest weekly score to date, and we put up the fourth most points this week so it’s not like we didn’t put a fight.  It’s just extremely frustrating to put up a decent effort and have nothing to show for it.  It’s more frustrating to have a decent lead heading into the 4:00 games and watch it disappear.  I got to watch Antonio Gates, who was playing against us, have a touchdown called back due to a penalty, then score a touchdown from farther away on the very next play.  Way to adjust, Seahawks.

I knew it was going to be a high scoring game and at 12:45 I was worried about our kicker situation.  We had Mike Nugent, but it was raining in Charlotte where the Bengals were playing and that made me nervous.  I did some research about kickers on wet grass and came across this.  Uh oh.   Not too many teams carry two kickers in this league, so if I dropped Nugent and couldn’t get him back, there’d be a serviceable kicker to add.  I looked for a decent match-up and someone that could kick some long field goals, and wouldn’t you know it Sebastian Janikowski was available.  This is the kind of week it was for The Union.  I added Janikowski, who outscored Nugent so it worked in that sense, but Janikowski had  12 misses on the day.  We’re not charged for missed field goals in this league, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.  We lost by 22 points, it was just one of those weeks.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we picked up Lance Moore last week, he warmed up our bench with 1,000 points against the Falcons.

All is not terrible, though.  In TUFFKL, Cedric Benson had a terrific debut for Space Mountain and Jermichael Finley put us over the top for the weekly high.  Were it not for the “not playing the Steelers defense blunder” in week 2, we’d be in first place because of the total points tie-breaker.  Instead we’re 3rd in a 6-team 2-1 log jam heading into the first position week of the season.  We get what looks like a break, because the team that we’re playing has Miles Austin and Jamaal Charles on byes.  Hopefully we can take advantage.

TUFFKL is a funny league.  Our leading scorers after three weeks are the Steelers defense, Kyle Orton, and Mike Nugent.  I’ll take it.  Hell, I’m not even thinking about trades to make in that league.  Now if only Ryan Mathews can get healthy and produce.

In other news, I’ve taken a position writing for the Panthers Insider.  I’ll be writing a couple features  and having to watch the Panthers games each week (sad face).  You have to pay to read the content, but as you can guess, it’s worth it!


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