Survivor, week 2.

Wow, this season is going to be a hot mess.  I don’t actually know where to start.  I assume it should be at the beginning of the episode with someone else, Holly, taking the loon title from the departed Wendy.  Before I could even grapple with how much of a loon she was for dumping the snails in the ocean, she takes Dan’s $1600 gators, fills them with sand, and sits them (in shallow water, easy enough to recover) in the ocean, then tells him about it minutes later.

Sweet gators, but not $1600 sweet.

Before I could grapple with that, I had to go back and think about Dan spending $1600 on a pair of shoes that weren’t made out of golden truffles.  Why bring them to the island?  I don’t know if there are alligators in Guatemala, but why risk any jungle animal reacting negatively and attacking you thinking that your shoes are a predator?

I’m not sure I agree with Jimmy Johnson’s approach.  Why not just say, “I’m a fan of the show, I’m happy to be here, I don’t want to lead and make speeches, there may be someone else here that can and wants to do it, I just want to play the game like a normal schmuck.”  He would stick out anyway, why stick out more?

Gimme back my socks!

Sorry, Naonka, I’m not sure what the rules are about fighting between contestants, but I’d really think about choke slamming you if you took my socks out there.  And why are these alleged fans of the show wearing shorts and not pants?  No one learns.

There is nothing predictable about the young tribe, except as I said last week, Shannon being voted out early.  What an idiot.  It’s already been said on, but if John Rocker didn’t pop in to your head during Shannon’s Tribal Council diatribe, than you must not know who John Rocker is.  Google him.  I also said last week that Brenda needed to go early too, she still may, I doubt it though.  I do have a question for Sash, though.  In all seriousness, does an amputee fall in to the minority alliance he’s trying to put together?  I’ve done no research, but I assume there are less amputees in the world than African-Americans or Asian sensations.  She ended up voting for Shannon, but before he informed us that New York City was full of gays, Kelly B. was on Shannon’s side now she has no alliance.

Easy decision on The Medallion of Power for the oldies.  Mud would have slowed them down a ton, probably more than Holly slowed them down.  It will be interesting to see if the young tribe uses the Medallion next week or if their overconfidence gets the best of them.  Although, a lot of their overconfidence got voted off last night.  If I were with the oldies, I would have taken the tarp, though, but I understand hunger will probably do more damage to the oldies than being wet would.

My winner choice, Jill update: Well, she figured out the Immunity Idol clue pretty quickly, but she let Marty find it.  That could actually work to her advantage, because she has the knowledge that he has it, but doesn’t carry the target of actually having it.  Right now, there’s no reason for her to be voted out of the tribe in the foreseeable future.  Holly and Jimmy T. will get voted out for being loons, Jimmy Johnson will get voted out for being Jimmy Johnson, and Marty will get blindsided eventually.  Jill is already set up to make the merge as long as she just gathers wood and doesn’t go all loony toons.


One response to “Survivor, week 2.

  1. Nicaragua.

    Holly is a whackjob to Nth degree. Although be wary…a very good friend’s sister applied (and was accepted) to The Bachelor a couple years ago. She eventually rejected the offer after leafing through the waivers that basically stated “We can edit the living crap out of everything you say and make you look however we want to make you look.” I assume all reality shows do that, so maybe Holly’s not as out there as we think.

    Fabio HAS to be a chick. Or maybe just from New York.

    Jimmy T’s going down not just for being a loon, he’s got a temper bubbling underneath those luscious locks. I predict he physically injures someone. Preferably Nay.

    Marty’s a bay area resident and a local morning show plans to call him every time they want to pick his brain on something that happened on the most recent episodes–I’ll let you know if I get any tidbits.

    My Dark Horse is Tyrone, pun intended. He’s taking all the marbles that Holly can’t seem to find. He has just the right combo of nice guy + eye roller + Hantz-esque intimidation. See you at the Jury.

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