Fantasy: Week 2

I will never bench the Pittsburgh Defense.  I will never bench the Pittsburgh Defense.  I will never bench the Pittsburgh Defense.  I will never bench the Pittsburgh Defense.  I will never bench the Pittsburgh Defense.

You’re saying, “No kidding, who would bench the Pittsburgh Defense?”  Space Mountain would that’s who.

Space Mountain doesn't know Dick Lebeau

When my Life Associate and I discussed our TUFFKL lineup last week, we decided that the Panthers defense against a young Tampa Bay offense was a better matchup.  We assumed we’d get some interceptions maybe a fumble or two.  The Steelers were heading in to Tennessee to play Chris Johnson and the rest of his team.  This decision was probably more about how much of a sudden game changer Chris Johnson is, than how bad or good the Buccaneers are.

Her Sweetness and I were heading to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Dolphins/Vikings game.  On our way out the door around noon, I heard someone on a pregame show say that this was Vince Young’s first game against a Dick Lebeau defense.  An alarm went off in my head.  Vince Young has improved, but has he improved enough to be able to withstand the Steelers if they were shutting down Chris Johnson?  Eh, I was hungry and I felt good about the rest of our team this week, so I turned off the television and off we went.  The restaurant had more Steeler fans than any other team and at about 1:03 they made me aware that I had made a stupid decision.  They were roaring and waving their Terrible Towels before the Dolphins game had even kicked off.  I looked over to the big screen and saw a Steeler running down the sideline for a touchdown.  I thought it was Rashard Mendenhall for about 5 minutes and didn’t really pay any mind to it.  Then I saw a replay, “Oh $%&!, that was the kickoff return.”  TUFFKL rewards 3 points for any touchdown over 50 yards, so that was a 9 point touchdown.  Before I could even unrattle myself from that and laugh at how bad Bernard Berrian is, the Steelers recovered a fumble on the ensuing kickoff.  If I were at home, I wouldn’t have looked at that game any more, but I had to sit there and listen to Steeler’s fans cheering every turnover that came faster than my beers.

To top it off, Chris Johnson, who I have on The Union team, had an 85-yard touchdown called back.  I don’t really even want to talk about the egg that The Union laid this week (I’m pointing, glaring, and shaking my head at you, Joe Flacco.)  The Union lost by 30.something points this week, I’m not sure about the decimals.  The touchdown production isn’t coming and I’m very angry at myself for passing up Miles Austin for Greg Jennings in the draft.  Fortunately there’s a lot of running back depth on The Union’s roster so my trade brain is churning.  I’ll keep you posted.

Steelers Defense aside, Space Mountain went into Monday night’s game ahead by 41 points and our opponent had Frank Gore left to play.  I felt confident going to bed at halftime that Frank Gore wasn’t going to make up the difference.  The only thing I would gain by staying up was more stress.  I woke up this morning to see that we won by 10 points.  I’m glad I went to sleep, I probably would have gotten into the gin.  The Panthers defense mustered 5 points for us, the Steelers ended up with 34.  The 29 point difference wouldn’t have won us the weekly high prize this week, so I’m happy to take the win and go hide.  It’s nice when bad decisions don’t cost you anything, right Braylon Edwards?

With that it’s on to week 3.  Other than the Reggie Bush injury, Braylon Edwards’ looming suspension and/or being cut (and sweet bearded mugshot), there’s really not a whole lot effecting my fantasy mind this week.  The rumors are heating up that Vincent Jackson will be traded to Minnesota before the deadline tomorrow, that would be good for Space Mountain.  It may be too late for Brett Favre by the time Jackson can return from his suspension, but I’ll take a few deep touchdowns in November.

Oh, I’ll leave you with this.  At Buffalo Wild Wings, Her Sweetness spotted a rare Pat White jersey.  Someone must have money to spend.  But an even more questionable purchase was an embroidered Jets L.Tom jersey.  Really?  There’s nothing else you could have bought with that money?


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