Today has felt like Friday all day, which would be really annoying if I had a job, but I don’t so the week never really starts or ends for me.  That’s why I can do things like sit on a stability ball and justify it as an ab workout while I’m drinking beer at 1:45 PM and blogging about not having a job.

I think my point was that today feels like Friday, because Survivor started last night in it’s new/original Wednesday night slot.  Now I won’t sit here and trash reality television, because I watch enough of it to be called a hypocrite if I were to call it rubbish.

Watch "The Wire"

Maybe it is rubbish and I just like to watch rubbish, but I’m in the camp that says The Wire is the greatest show in television history and I can tell the difference between great shows and guilty pleasures.  I’m not even calling Survivor a guilty pleasure, it’s good stuff, and it has lasted 21 seasons so I’m not the only one that agrees that it doesn’t suck.  Along with The Real World, Survivor birthed the entire reality TV genre that may eventually be the downfall of canned laugh tracks and decent writing, but as long as David Simon is alive, so is hope.

Get back on track, Sir, you’re drinking and rambling.

Right, this is about last night’s episode.  I don’t think I’d ever try out for Survivor or any other reality show for that matter, but if I were going to be on, I’d want it to be this season.  If for no other reason, but to have “When I was on Survivor in Nicaragua with Jimmy Johnson” stories.

How can something so right, feel so wrong?

“When I was on Survivor with Jimmy Johnson, I stayed up all night and needled him about how bad Dan Marino was in that last year.” “When I was on Survivor with Jimmy Johnson, I let him know that the whole Cowboys dynasty doesn’t happen if the Vikings weren’t dumb enough to make the Herschel Walker trade.”  “When I was on Survivor with Jimmy Johnson we snuck over to the other tribes camp and stole that girl’s artificial leg to start trouble within their group Russell-style.”  If I had my choice of any coach to be stuck on Survivor with, though, I’d pick Bill Belichick.  It just seems obvious.

I don’t like the Medallion of Power idea.  I’ll probably be wrong, I’m usually wrong about things like this, but the show works fine without too many new wrinkles.  Jimmy Johnson is a new wrinkle and I think that’s enough.  The young tribe, La Flor (wasn’t that Sawyer’s name in the 70’s Dharma Initiative storyline of LOST?  More questions!), actually made the smart decision and kept the fishing/fire kit and gave the Oldies the medallion.

Did detonating that stupid bomb-thing work or not? Just tell me!

Could we actually have a smart group of young people?  No, not the guys anyway.  There’s always a meat head or two who will try to take out all of the women and think they have the power way too early.  This means you Shannon, you’ll be gone and baffled as to why before you even get to grow some stubble.

Rule #1 when going on Survivor:  Learn how to make fire!

Rule #2 when going on Survivor: Don’t act like a loon before the first Tribal Council.  Shut up and be silent if you have to.  Gather wood, dig a hole, just pretend your doing anything, but don’t be a loon.

Rule #3 when going on Survivor:  There can be only one called Coach.

A true Warrior.

Back to to Kelly B., the amputee.  She’ll probably get voted out early, but I’m already rooting for her.  Not because of sympathy, but because this is listed as her pet peeve on her CBS bio: “When people chew ice or blow bubbles in an otherwise quiet room.”  Preach on.  She’s also a North Carolina girl and the second and fastest female amputee to finish the Ironman World Championships in 2007.  If she’s any good at puzzles, she may just last a while.

Fantasy Football News Break: Vincent Jackson’s suspension will be reduced to 4 games if he’s traded by next Wednesday.  That’s good news for Space Mountain.

Back to reality, I read here this morning that the tribes outsmarted the challenge makers and producers on the first immunity challenge.  The producers thought that the pipes would be arranged in a Z formation rather then held in one straight line, thus making the challenge more difficult.  Seeing it from a couch, I can’t imagine how the creators didn’t see that happening, but they’ve been doing it for 20 seasons so who am I to judge?

My Winner prediction:  I’m rooting for Tyrone.  I don’t know that he said a word until the Tribal Council when the loon started acting like a loon.  He won’t win, though, merely because I’m rooting for him.  My instinct says they need to get rid of Brenda soon or it will be Parvati all over again.  Otherwise I’ll go with a woman who knows when to coast and when to make one cutthroat move when there are 7 or 6 people left.  My bet:  Jill.


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