Inhale in, exhale out.

I will not overreact to a Week 1 loss.  I will not overreact to a Week 1 loss.  I will not overreact to a Week 1 loss.  I will not overreact to a Week 1 loss.  I won’t, I swear.  My demons wanted me to, but the remnants of the decaf allowed me to shake them off.

To catch you up, Space Mountain needed 13 points from Ryan Mathews on Monday night/Tuesday morning against “my sleeper Chiefs”.  Feeling somewhat unfulfilled from the early game, I decided to stay up for the Chargers first drive to see how young Ryan did.  One drive, turned into two drives, which turned into the first half.  He was in the process of running 70 yards for a touchdown when one of “my sleeper Chiefs” took the ball away from him…bad sign.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be and Space Mountain lost by 5 points.

TUFFKL has a one round drop/add just about every week, so we would be using our move to address our quarterback debacle.  We’re allowed 1 wild card spot that can be used at any position.  We were carrying 6 receivers, Jacoby Jones being the sixth, and our wild card.  So the plan was to drop him and pick up a dear old friend.

Neck beards, unite!

Near the end of the draft we knew that quarterback was our weakest position and we debated drafting Kyle Orton as our wild card instead of Jacoby Jones.  But who wants the headache of picking between 3 average quarterbacks every week?  Of course, had we drafted Orton, we may have started him in week 1 and we’d be 1-o.

Adding Orton and dropping Jones was the plan going in to Tuesday as long as someone didn’t play defense and pick up Orton to prevent us from getting him.  The pickings are slim here folks.  After Orton and Michael Vick, there are some scary quarterbacks available.  That’s why when the owner who had Ryan Grant came calling with a trade offer on Monday morning, we had to listen.  My door, email, and phone are always open, open, and on to trade offers of any kind.  I won’t get into too much here so as not to give up too much of his or our strategies, let’s just say that neither party could agree to terms on asking prices or players involved.  We don’t want to break up our running back depth in week 1, for a quarterback who is as much a mixed bag as the three that we already have.

Now Space Mountain sits in a tough position of having 3 quarterbacks that we hope all do well.  It’s going to be a problem if all three start excelling and we get an injury somewhere else and have to drop a good quarterback and get nothing in return.  Whoa is Space Mountain.

As for the league that I’m a co-owner in with Her Sweetness, The Union rolled to a decimaltastic 125.32 – 57.58 victory.  Since I don’t know anything about anyone else in the league and have only ever so said a word to one of them, I had no idea if they were up to date enough to pick up Brandon Jackson.  The waiver system in this league is odd and I don’t quite understand it yet, but I put in a claim for Jackson as soon as I heard the news about Grant.  Waivers are processed at midnight on Tuesdays, and I woke up this morning to the disappointment of not getting him.  At least these people check the headlines.  The team with Ryan Grant didn’t get him either and so they are in some of these.  In news that makes me giddy, Pierre Garcon got dropped in this league as did Derrick Mason…auto-drafters.

  • 91 degrees and sunny in Charlotte today.
  • Survivor starts tonight. Every season I make a prediction after the first episode as to who will win.  I’ve never been right.  I don’t think it will be Jimmy Johnson, although he doesn’t have Dave Wannstedt’s mustache there to screw up an immunity challenge.
  • Hayden officially wins Big Brother tonight.
  • It wouldn’t be a football season without Kris Jenkins tearing something.
  • How long before they start calling for Mark Brunell to start in New Jersey?
  • Will someone please do something to take the media’s focus off of Ines Sainz? Thanks for trying Clinton Portis, but you’re not really helping matters.

I was always partial to Kid Bro Sweets.


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