Quarterback Nontroversy.

Remember way back to last week when I wrote how my Space Mountain team waited hopefully not too long to pick a quarterback in the TUFFKL draft?  Remember how I said we picked two quarterbacks back-to-back and would hope that at least one of them would provide marginal success?  Do you remember the two quarterbacks that we drafted?  Let me refresh your memory:

Yeah, it was Matthew Stafford and Kevin Kolb.  Between the two of them they generated 2 points for Space Mountain before getting hurt, (Stafford injuring his throwing shoulder and Kolb getting concussed).  This is no way to start a season for them or for Space Mountain.  As of this writing, Stafford is due to be out anywhere from 2-6 weeks.  Kolb is another story.  Michael Vick replaced him and did well enough to raise the ire of the “get fired up at anything” Philly fan base thus making Andy Reid probably buy some Ambien from one of his kids.  Reid has already said that Kolb is his starter next week as long as he’s healthy, but I had Brian Westbrook on a team last year and I’m used to the Eagles doctors not knowing when a player is fully recovered from a concussion.  As far as Space Mountain is concerned, our league has a two round drop/add just about every week and fortunately there is one this week.  Unfortunately, the pickings are pretty slim in the available quarterbacks department.  We have been offered a trade already, and of course my brain never sleeps when this stuff happens.  The main problem here is that we have solid running back depth, and we’re holding on to Vincent Jackson at least until Special Master Stephen Burbank decides the official length of his suspension.  We don’t want to break up the running back depth so early in the season and will want to keep Jackson if his suspension is shortened to 3 games.  We’ll probably have to make a decision before Thursday so as not to slow up the drop/add proceedings, so it should be an interesting week.

As for the games my fantasy teams played, Space Mountain can actually survive the quarterback debacle and win if Ryan Mathews puts up 13 points tonight.  That’s what he was drafted for, run Ryan run.  In the other 12-team, 4 points for quarterback touchdowns league, The Union is leading 118.2 to 30.78.  I don’t know where tenths of points come from, all of the scoring rules use whole numbers, but this game seems fairly in hand.

This is what a beast looks like.

The Union rode Chris Johnson and Arian Foster, which I think may be the case all season.  The opponent still has Jamaal Charles, Malcolm Floyd, and Todd Heap to play, but as long as Joe Flacco doesn’t throw 50 interceptions tonight, The Union should start 1-0.

For Real Football:

I was on an airplane for the 1:00 kickoffs and didn’t arrive to the couch until around 2:30.  The Continental flight, however, had monitors on the back of each seat which offered Directv.  The pamphlet indicated that the Red Zone Channel would be available for a charge, but it didn’t show up on the guide, so I wasn’t going to risk wasting the $6 for 45 minutes of football that I might not even see.  Plus, I’ve been a victim of Directv’s lousy reception when Earthbound, so I can’t imagine their service does all that well on a plane.  Instead I watched the free preview of ESPN which lasted until the plane reached cruising altitude.  The last 20 minutes of this flight were pretty choppy, and I had my hand on the barf bag more than once.  I realize now that this was probably about the time that Matthew Stafford got injured, and my stomach was feeling the disturbance in football force.

  • So, the Vikings are admittedly thin at receiver, but yet there’s Brad Childress letting Percy Harvin return kickoffs and Bernard Berrian return punts.  This at the scene of Brad’s “not knowing how to count to 12” crime last January.  Either his job is very safe or he parties a little too hard when in New Orleans.
  • I immediately thought of Lance Moore’s 2 point conversion in the Super Bowl when Calvin Johnson’s touchdown got overruled.  But, my opinion is that the call was right and the rule is stupid.
  • If you haven’t seen it (there’s a free preview on Sunday), Scott Hanson hosts the Red Zone Channel every Sunday.  It’s just him, his chair, a desk, and some monitors for six hours.

    Turn off your mic at the urinal, Scott.

    It’s the best job in the world, but I don’t think my bladder is cut out for it.  He’s either got a bladder like a cactus or he just never has to relieve himself.  I fear this could end in a Frank Drebin incident.

  • I have a bet with an old friend every season.  He’s a 49ers fan and I’m a Dolphins fan.  Our wager is monetary and the winner is the team with the better record at season’s end.  I didn’t like my chances until about 4:30 yesterday afternoon.  The 49ers are already in disarray and if Brandon Marshall can stop dropping passes, this bet may be won by Thanksgiving.
  • Bob Sanders got hurt again.
  • Leonard Weaver’s injury was gross.
  • So was Connor Barwin’s.
  • An 18 game schedule is a bad idea, and this is me saying that.  I can’t get enough football, but let’s be realistic about what a human body can endure.
  • The Panthers cut the ginger quarterback last week, but they may be calling him back soon.  Matt Moore was concussed (the local fans are already calling him Matt DelMoore), the Panthers looked terrible, and John Fox is a lame duck.  Why not let the ginger play?
  • If you want, I can set up a web cam and you can come to me for comments during the games like FOX is doing with Mike Pereira this year, for a small fee.
  • Hines Ward is one of my top 3 favorite players in the league.
  • Dallas-Hahahahahahahahahaha.
  • I’m debating on whether or not to stay up and watch the late Chargers game tonight.  Maybe Ryan Mathews will have an 80-yard touchdown on the first play and I can go to sleep.  I have a feeling the Jets vs. Ravens game will be exhausting to watch, so maybe,  I’ll DVR the Chargers and wake up to that tomorrow morning.
  • Run, Ryan, Run.

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