Work: Day 3

After plodding through the online TUFFKL draft for 10 hours it was time to go film some more high school football.  We only got through about half of the draft yesterday and it may not get finished until the beginning of the week.  I probably won’t update it until after it’s over, because I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

This week’s game: Ardrey Kell @ West Meck.  Who is Ardrey Kell you ask?  No one.  It’s the combined last names of two prominent families in the area.  I’ve been calling it Audrey Kell all week, not that that matters at all.  I decided to relax and leave a little later this week since I’ve been getting to the games way too early and hanging around for an hour and a half.  The school is 20 miles away (mostly highway driving), the game was at 7:00, and it was Labor Day Friday.  In New Jersey that’s an hour trip on Labor Day Friday, so I left at 5:15 thinking it would take 45 minutes to an hour.  It took 20 minutes, no traffic.

The home stands were all concrete, no bleachers.  The away stands were bleachers, which I find more comfortable.  I’d rather sit on metal for 2 1/2 hours, than concrete, but that’s just me and my rear.  West Meck is even closer to the airport than Phillip O’Berry where I filmed last week.  It’s maybe a mile and half away, you could almost see angry flight attendants and screaming babies through the windows.

I got my perch in the last row of the concrete stands and set up my tripod.  I need a new tripod for Christmas by the way,  this one doesn’t pivot smoothly.  I must say that I’m really starting to like the marching band scene down here.  The New Jersey band scene never did it for me, but it’s quite a show around here.  It’s like the offspring of Drumline and a New Orleans funeral procession.  It’s high school, yes, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that this may have been the worst Star Spangled Banner that I’ve heard since Carl Lewis.  The trumpets must have gotten the go ahead to do a jam in the middle, and it didn’t work.

As for the game, it was nice and competitive for a while.  The first half flew by and Ardrey Kell was up 7-0 at intermission.  West Meck was hampered by penalties and bad shotgun and punt snaps.  They managed to score early in the third quarter, but missed the extra point badly.  On the scoring drive there was a 60 yard run, with a great down field block.  It’s in the video below, watch for the hit in slo-mo at the bottom right of the screen, then watch the exuberance of the hitter, #6, and the dejection of the hitee, #19.  Ardrey Kell responded quickly to go up 14-6.  That touchdown was followed by the rare high school touchback.  Later, Ardrey Kell had a first and goal from the 1, and West Meck held until 4th down, but gave up a quarterback sneak for the clinching touchdown.   Ardrey Kell prevailed 21-6.

I won’t be filming next week, I’m heading back to Jersey for the weekend.

One last note:  If you see someone with any sort of camera on a tripod, it would be nice if you wouldn’t walk or stand right in front of them while you’re busy being an idiot.


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