My first draft is tonight.  I haven’t been sleeping well and it turns out that I should have been.  I used the last of a coffee bag this morning and I looked at the label for some reason and realized it was decaf!  This could have been going on for several weeks, I’m not sure.

As it turns out we don’t find out the draft order for this league until a half hour before the draft.  Yikes.  I guess I really couldn’t come up with a strategy anyway, because it’s my first time drafting with this league and I know nothing about any of them.  It looks like it has settled on being a 12 team, non-PPR league, with 4 points for a quarterback touchdown.  I’ve never been in one of those leagues either.  Wish me luck!

As for TUFFKL, all hell is breaking loose.  The team drafting second overall, the Devils, has decided for now to not keep anyone.  That means he jumps ahead of us in the supplemental round.  The rules aren’t crystal clear about the supplemental draft order since there has never been a case of multiple teams not keeping anyone.  That’s all being worked out through a league vote as we speak.  It is Space Mountain’s contention that we should be drafting second in the supplemental round, but there is another side that thinks we should be drafting fourth.  I went to sleep with that on my brain last night.  How do you think that went?

Last Sunday I sent myself an email with my thoughts on how I hoped our first three picks of the TUFFKL draft would go, just so I’d have it time stamped to print here after the draft.  That all changes with another team in the supplemental round, but it shouldn’t be too drastic.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for a draft update late tonight or tomorrow.  If I end up getting a slot at the beginning or end, I may post my picks here while I’m waiting for my turn again.

For now, I must go prep and get pumped up!  Draft!


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  1. Unnamed Lifetime Associatte

    Eye of the Tiger!

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