2 days left

Where to start?  My reprehensible bladder woke me up at 3:3o this morning.  I walked to the toilet and immediately thought of the Cardinals quarterback situation.  How far will Larry Fitzgerald fall in drafts?  Will I even have to worry about it?  Will the likes of Greg Jennings and Marques Colston rise above him in the TUFFKL draft?  I know this, in 2008 I found myself watching some of the Pro Bowl.  Now, I’m obsessed with football, but I haven’t seen more than five minutes of any of the last ten Pro Bowls.  In the five minutes that I saw in 2008, Derek Anderson was the quarterback.  Read that again if you have to, it’s true.  In a game where everyone is open, no one plays defense (except Ray Lewis), and 90 points are scored, Derek Anderson couldn’t not complete a pass.  He was overthrowing and underthrowing the best receivers in the AFC and they were wide open.  He ended up going 10 for 26 with one interception that day and hasn’t done anything good on the field since.  I won’t cross Larry Fitzgerald off of my PPR draft sheet, because he’s still maybe the best receiver in the league, but in a non-PPR I may even take Anquan Boldin over him.

Other thoughts  on the eve of the eve of my first draft:

  • The Panthers may be the first team in history to be Everything by Committee and still be successful.  Their defense has looked rock solid at the few practices I went to and every game so far.  I don’t know if you want them as your first defense, but they’re definitely worth a look as  a second defense to trade later when Jon Beason starts ripping off heads.
  • My alleged 14-team league that had 10 teams in it as of Friday, now has 11.  No matter how many teams there are, we still don’t find out the draft order until Wednesday morning.  Uggggh.
  • These polls are closing soon.  Get your votes in to be a part of history.
  • If I’m drafting 4th, I’m taking Frank Gore or Michael Turner over Maurice Jones-Drew.  Probably Gore given the easy division schedule.  The injury is coming, Jones-Drew if it hasn’t already.  And he’s trying to take my job!  This isn’t even a job!
  • Remember: Last year is last year.  Don’t get sucked in to last year’s stats.  This always happens to me with tight ends.  Historically, I would take Dallas Clark too early this year, because of his great season in ’09.  Not this year, I’m learned.

    I miss you too, Dick.

  • Hayden will win Big Brother, and I don’t care anymore.  Awful season.
  • Are all change of pace backs small, quick guys?  Are all change of pace backs 3rd down backs?  Is Chris Johnson a change of pace back?  Was Lendale White when he was with the Titans?  Discuss.
  • “Next man up” is going to replace “swagger” as the phrase that will get beaten to a pulp by announcers by week 3.
  • The Emmy’s happened.  The Wire was never nominated for an Emmy, thus the Emmy’s don’t matter.
  • The gentleman that purchased my Starting Lineups on ebay is now complaining about the condition of the paint on some of them.  He told me that now he can’t do anything with them.  I want to tell him that he’s got three Dan Marino’s there, he should at least put up 60 points, but I guess he wanted to resell them rather than have an action figure scrimmage.
  • Janice, my heart to you is given, oh do give yours to me.  We’ll lock them up together and throw away the key.

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