Call me crazy.

I’ve said some things in my life that made me question whether someone else was in control of my mouth.  “Sure, I’ll ride that bungee cord slingshot ride”, “I’m going to sign up to run a marathon”, “It doesn’t bother me that you’re married”, things like that.  I said something this weekend that may overshadow all of those: “I think we really might want to draft Jabar Gaffney.”  I still can’t believe it myself.

Of course this gets prefaced with “It’s only preseason”, but Kyle Orton loves him some Gaffney.  It also seems that Eddie Royal must have crapped in Orton’s hamper or something, because Orton just doesn’t throw to him.  I’m probably blowing this out of proportion, and I’m not saying run out and draft Gaffney in the third round, but the man has value.

Thank me in December.

He had 6 receptions for 98 yards in the first half of the Broncos game at home against the Lions on Saturday.  It seemed like they all came in a row and Gaffney was very open on most of them.  It got me curious about where he finished fantasy stats-wise last year with Brandon Marshall on the team.  In my TUFFKL league which is PPR, Gaffney finished as the 49th best receiver sandwiched between Earl Bennett and Dwayne Bowe.  Not great, but the last two weeks of the season with Denver still in the playoff hunt and Marshall benched the last week, Gaffney ripped off 26 and 34 point performances.  That week 17 performance included 14 receptions for 213 yards.  It could have been just an anomaly, but it’s carried over into the preseason.

I read all preseason about sleeper this and sleeper that.  No kidding Johnny Knox is a sleeper?  A fast receiver with good hands in a Mike Martz offense might catch a lot of balls?  Brilliant!  Arian Foster was a sleeper for about five days, now the secret is out.  It’s like calling someone underrated.  You do it long enough and soon they’re overrated, only because you weren’t rating them properly.  So don’t talk about Gaffney after you read this.  Don’t tell anyone.  Keep his name off of your tongue until your draft, then spring it on everyone in the 8th round when he’s your fourth receiver and the magazine readers say, “Who’s Jabar Gaffney?”


Then just sit back, grow a neck beard, and laugh your way to the money.

Weekend game notes:

  • Today I watched three preseason games, paid some bills, and communicated with people in four states in 2 seconds all from one chair.  With all of the technology in the world, is there not some way to keep a football from blowing off a tee so a team doesn’t have to waste a cover guy to hold for a kickoff?
  • Reggie Bush looked very good.  There is so much talent on that team, it’s a crap shoot who gets the points every week, but if you’re in a PPR for running backs league, Bush is worth considering earlier than usual.
  • Leon Washington popped on my radar this week.  I’m still scared as hell of drafting anyone returning from a broken leg or torn knee ligament, but he was always talented and Pete Carroll may just give him a chance to shine.
  • Legedu Naanee has replaced Mar Tay Jenkins as the best named receiver.  Legedu may even get some time this year.
  • I’ll miss you Lou Piniella.  I have a picture somewhere of my young self with Sweet Lou taken about 25 years ago at his restaurant called Winner’s in Woodbridge Mall in New Jersey.  A voice in my head yells at me a little bit whenever I look at it.  In a bizarre life twist, Her Sweetness has a similar picture of heryoung self with Tommy Lasorda.  There’s probably some Photoshop fun to be had there, but who can work on Photoshop with all of these Gaffney thoughts in their head?

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