I’m headed back to school.  Not in the putting myself in more debt sense, but in the making some money on the side sense.  Actually, since I don’t have a full-time job I guess it’s not on the side, but in the front, just how I like it.

A company on Craigslist was in search of someone to film high school football games.  Turns out it was this place.  I’ll be filming a game or two every weekend and sending them the tapes. They make highlight reels for student-athletes, coaches, and recruiters, but I have nothing to do with that, just filming the games.  I’m curious about the high school football scene in the Charlotte area.  My experience with high school football consists of Central New Jersey where even a free hot dog give-away might not bring in a crowd, and Northeastern Pennsylvania where games sell out weeks in advance.  I’d say that’s both ends of the spectrum.  I called the school that I’m filming at tomorrow to see if I need to get tickets early and the woman told me it’s just a scrimmage, which this disproves, so I’ll take my chances at the gate.

I’m supposed to film the game from a high vantage point at the 50-yard line.  I’m going to see if I can finagle my way onto the top of the announcer’s booth with the coaches.  Maybe I’ll wear a Penn State jacket to make them think I’m a scout.  Otherwise I have to squeeze my tripod on the bleachers somewhere.  That’s a whole other issue.  I’m not used to working with the tripod and panning left and right.  I’ll constantly be zooming in and out and I have to stop recording after every play.  This would be a lot easier if I were right handed, but God loves me so he made me a lefty.

In other news, you may recall me talking about TUFFKL, my fantasy keeper league.  We’re drafting 3rd and the owner drafting second recently changed from keeping two running backs (Ronnie Brown and L. Tom.) to keeping Chad Johnson instead of L.Tom.  I’m not surprised, it was a smart move, but I was hoping that he would stick with two running backs.  It makes it easier for us to pick knowing that he’s probably taking receivers or a quarterback early.  Oh well.

Fantasy Notes:

  • Percy Harvin collapsed at practice today and was taken to a hospital.  I don’t think I’ll be drafting him.  Last year I had Harvin and Brian Westbrook.  All of those headaches caused me a lot of headaches.
  • Patriots vs. Falcons tonight.  I’m warming up to the idea of taking Randy Moss this year.  He’s in a contract year and if Welker is healthy he could be in for some huge numbers.  I may also be falling madly in love with Roddy White’s prospects this season.
  • I’d be giddy if Jim Mora were on Survivor instead of Jimmy Johnson.  Him or Pete Townshend.

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