Preseason Fantasy Notes

First things first.  I recently accepted an invitation to join my second fantasy league this season.  I’ll be partnering with Her Sweetness and we hope to put a thumping on her co-workers who probably don’t take this stuff as seriously as I do.  It’s a 14 team league, which I’m excited about because I’ve never been in a league that large.  It’s also the first league that I’ve been in for quite some time that is non-PPR, so I’ve really got to bone up on this stuff. Another wrinkle is that the draft positions will not be drawn until the morning of the draft.  That leaves me with the options of coming up with a plan now for drafting near the front, middle, and end of the draft and wasting a lot of time, or just waiting until that morning and cramming once I find out our position.  It’s also going to be nerve racking drafting with 13 people that I know very little about.  I don’t know who knows what or if anyone knows anything.  I was sleeping so well until now.  We’re open for suggestions for our team name, so send them along.

With that out of the way, here comes a spray of bullets about my thoughts on the first full weekend of games that don’t mean anything:

Anybody have Kurt Warner's phone number?

  • It didn’t take long for Matt Leinart to make anyone associated with Larry Fitzgerald get very, very nervous.  That was a wicked hit, Fitzgerald held on of course, but I just can’t see myself drafting Fitzgerald over Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson, or Roddy White.
  • Marshall dropped the only two balls thrown his way in the Dolphins first game.
  • Ryan Grant was concussed in the Packers game.  Keep an eye on this one.  Grant is one of those rare backs who will get the vast majority of his team’s carries.  A preseason concussion may just make me pass on him for Beanie Wells or even LeSean McCoy.  Brandon Jackson, Grant’s backup just popped on my radar, because whoever is running for the Packers is going to thrive just from being in that offense.
  • Frank Gore’s backup, Glen Coffee abruptly retired.  That leaves the49ers with Anthony Dixon and former Penn State QB, Michael Robinson to back up Gore, who’s missed at least 1 game in the last 3 years.
  • Brian Robiskie caught a touchdown.  Shhhhhhh.
  • Damn, Eli.
  • FavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavreFavre.
  • Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch got hurt, making the Bills running back situation even harder to get a read on.
  • He’s got no receivers and I’ve never had him on a fantasy team of mine, but something’s telling me to like Donovan McNabb this year.

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