Monday Bits

The Colts and Giants opened camp yesterday which means that every team is now practicing.  Can you smell it?  I could literally smell  football season in the air at Panthers camp last week.  There’s just an odor about it.  I remember the smell in the equipment room back in high school when we would pick out our pads and helmets.  I get a whiff of it every now and then and it makes my bones ache.  I can’t imagine what a player feels like after going through a single day of NFL practice, let alone more than 3 weeks worth.

I’ve got to get ready for my own battle with the DMV this week and I’ve got to get some paperwork ready, so I’ll catch up on some weekend news bullet-style!

  • Flozell Adams signed with the Steelers.  From a fantasy perspective this has to ease the blow for Rashard Mendenhall owners that came when Willie Colon was lost for the year.
  • I’ve thought this and I’ve only heard it discussed on ESPN by one person: Why is there no discussion about Brett Favre missing the first few games of the year to heal up and be ready for the bulk of the regular season and playoffs.  The Vikings open the season on the road against the Saints, which I’m not sure Tarvaris Jackson could win, but Adrian Peterson sure could.  Then the Vikings are home to face the Dolphins and Lions, both winnable games, before their early week 4 bye.  Then they go on the road to play Favre’s other ex-team, the Jets  on Monday night in Week 5 at the yet unnamed new stadium.  There will be no shortage of ratings or boos for that one.
  • As you may know, I recently moved to Charlotte, NC.  It’s going to take some getting used to hearing USC discussed on sports radio and they’re not talking about the Trojans.  They’re talking about the Gamecocks.  (Get your minds out of the gutter).
  • Mike Shanahan killed the idea of me ever drafting another Broncos running back years ago.  If that weren’t enough, now they’re dropping like flies.
  • HBO’s Hard Knocks will be the best thing on television this summer.
  • The owner of the team drafting first in my fantasy league this year announced today that he will not draft early, as he is allowed to do since he’s on the board and it’s just a fantasy league.  As much of a fantasy doofus as I am and as much as I want to draft, there is no way in hell that I’d pick this early and then suffer through every day praying for someone to not get hurt in practice.
  • I will do a mock draft here and there, though.  About a month ago, when I was tired of packing up my apartment, I came across this site in a magazine.  You can do a mock draft pretty quickly against other live doofuses or you can draft against  computer generated owners.  As this was still June, there weren’t  11 other doofuses drafting at 3:00 so I drafted against the computer.  I drafted 6th out of 12 and came away with Frank Gore, Ryan Matthews, Roddy White, Brandon Marshall, and either Rivers or Flacco.  I think it was Rivers, because I remember thinking how absurd it was.  I think Jerome Harrison got drafted 11th and I remember Addai getting taken way too early.  But hey, anything to feel optimistic about the fantasy season in June.
  • I’ll be renaming the NFC South tomorrow, and I’ll leave you with this.  In an effort to scrape up some cash and make some room in my new place I am selling my collection of Starting Lineups on Ebay.  Remember them?  I came across this gem that captures one of the lowlights of the NFL offseason:


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