It didn’t seem prudent to me to take Sunday off from a football blog, so I’ll give you this little nugget.  I found out today that one of the owners in my 12 team fantasy league dropped out, and has been replaced.  In every league there is at least one person who can be counted on to make a completely not by-the-book pick or two.  Actually most leagues that I’ve been in have had more than one of these people, so maybe that has to do with some of my success.

There are times during a draft when there is a particular player that you want desperately and there is only one owner picking before you.  Drafting with by-the-book people normally means you’re not going to get the player that you want.  But drafting after the rogue drafter usually boosts my optimism.

The owner that dropped out was one of these wild cards.  His team is slotted to draft 9th this year and my co-owner and I are drafting 3rd, so we wouldn’t benefit too much, but he will be missed.

Now we must deal with something all together different, a new owner.  Who knows what will happen?  Who’s he going to keep?  Does he know what he’s doing?  Is he a homer for his team?  Who’s his team?  Does he talk trash?  I won’t know the answer to any of these questions for a month, but I’m sure I’ll try to answer them while I fall asleep tonight.


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