Panthers camp Day 1: P.M. Practice

As there isn’t a lot to do in Spartanburg, I got back to the practice fields about an hour early.  I hung out by the player’s entrance where fans wait for autographs.  I’ve never been to another team’s training camp, but I doubt that they’re all like this.  A majority of the Panthers stop and sign autographs and take pictures before and after practice.  I watched DeAngelo Williams sign for about 20 minutes after the morning practice and again before the evening

Don't hit me, don't hit me, don't hit me.

session.  Steve Smith probably signed the longest out of anyone other than John Fox.  That’s right, I saw him up close and the man has indeed slimmed down.  I didn’t bother him about going for two too early in the Super Bowl that cost me some money in my block pool.  It’s the first day of camp and these guys have a lot on their minds, but that’s my point.  To take the time to sign a ton of autographs on day one in that heat is a cool thing to do for your fans.

Looking good, Coach.

I didn’t see Dwayne Jarett sign any autographs in the morning and a few fans said that he didn’t.  As he walked out for the evening practice and kids begged him to sign their card, he said, “I’ll get you after practice.”  You bet your ass I’m staying until he walks off the field to see if he signs.

I’ll hit you with some bullet notes on the rest of the evening session, because I have to get ready to go to today’s practice.  Peter King is supposed to be there so I’ll be hanging out at the Starbucks that’s close to camp, because he’s from Jersey too and frankly I miss the accent.

  • In the fan guide they asked Jon Beason what his favorite dance song is.
  • Jimmy Clausen worked with the 2nd team in 7-on-7 drills.  Cantwell worked with the 2nd team during the team portion of practice.
  • A fan with a heavy southern drawl telling his daughter, “I can’t hold you baby, Daddy has a torn groin muscle.”
  • I introduced myself to team president Danny Morrison.  I wrote him a letter a while back telling him that the Panthers should hire me.  I told him as much and he said, “I hope we got back to you, not a lot of jobs out there for young people.”  Then he asked where I was from and if I was a Panthers fan before I moved.

    I need work!

    I looked down and to the right, which liars apparently do and said, “Yes.”  I don’t think he bought it, or maybe it was the fact that my sweaty face looked like a Salvador Dali painting, but he moved on quickly.

  • They were throwing a lot to DeAngelo Williams.  I’d be thrilled about this if my fantasy league awarded points for running back receptions, but alas.
  • If I could be any non-sexual inanimate object, I would be a Jugs Machine.
  • With Steve Smith out, #81 Kenny Moore was working opposite Jarrett as the other starting receiver.
  • In the team drill, Cantwell threw an interception to linebacker, Quinton Culberson.  Clausen fumbled a snap.
  • All kickers should be required to wear #3.
  • Lastly, practice was ending so I headed towards the player exit to get the ending to the Dwayne Jarrett signing saga.  I noticed DeAngelo Williams get a ride on a golf cart, which is what the players seem to do when they want to avoid walking by the fans.  He gets a pass because he

    I've got my eyes on you, Dwayne.

    signed all day and he’s the franchise, my franchise anyway.  The receivers stayed later than everyone to run sprints and catch extra balls.  I waited until the last player left the field and I never saw Jarrett.  I didn’t see him sign, but I didn’t see him not sign, so I won’t roast him.  Maybe he had someone carry his pads so as to go unnoticed, or maybe he signed and I missed it.  Either way, I won’t be drafting him this year.  Which probably means he’ll catch 100 balls and have 14 touchdowns.  You should probably pick him up.


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