What is this?

I have an unhealthy obsession.  Several actually, and this one is certainly not the most unhealthy, but it’s the only one that I’m willing to write about right now.  Considering that my parents will probably two of the few regular readers of this blog, I won’t turn their faces red by discussing my forays into activities that may embarrass the family.  Although, after the Great Mailbox Baseball Caper of ’97, I don’t know that I could embarrass the family more.  I’m older now, so I should know better, but we’ll see.

No, this blog is about football, real and fantasy.  I’ll even talk about the Cleveland Browns even though I’m not sure what category they fit into.  I wouldn’t call that real football just yet, not with Jake Delhomme involved.

Speaking of Mr. Where the Hell was he Throwing That?, I recently moved to his old stomping ground in Charlotte, NC.  I moved here from Piscataway, NJ, the home of recent 1st round draft picks Malcolm Jenkins (Saints, ’09), Anthony Davis (49ers, ’10), and Kyle Wilson (Jets,’10).  In fact my football claim to absolutely no fame is that I served as a volunteer coach for the Piscataway Chief’s freshman team when Jenkins and Wilson were freshman.  I take absolutely zero credit for the players they have become.  I helped out with the offensive line that year and barely saw either of them and didn’t stick around to see Davis come up the next year.  I am proud, though, of what has become of the Chief’s program.  It must be pretty cool for Coach Dan Higgins to have Jenkins’ Super Bowl ring on his resume, along with three first rounders.

Enough about all of this success, and back to me.  Near the end of hockey season I start jonesing for football big time.  Waiting for football season is the only reason that I don’t like summer.  I sit and wait for training camps to start and once they do, I get sick of them and just want to get to the games that count.  As the years go buy, and my beloved Dolphins don’t win the Super Bowl, the games that matter more for me have become games that my Fantasy Football teams play.  Sad but true.

I’ll keep myself awake some nights in early July thinking about a draft coming up in September and who I’m going to keep, and who everyone else is going to keep, and who’s going to fall to me.  It’s pathetic, I know, maybe that actually will embarrass my parents a little.  And I know that none of it matters in July.  Camp hasn’t started, Anquan Boldin hasn’t gotten hurt yet, Adrian Peterson hasn’t had his first, fourth, or tenth fumble, and Jets fans are still not totally pessimistic.  And it doesn’t stop there, once the season starts I’m just as bad/pathetic.  Trade possibilities, waiver wire pick-ups, next years keepers, how does Scot t Hanson sit at that desk on the Red Zone Channel all day and not relieve himself?

That’s what brings me here.  With camps upon us, I need some kind of outlet to maintain my sanity and get me to sleep at night.  This will be that place.  I’ll be writing about all things football, fantasy and real, and maybe an occasional post about something that matters even less like Big Brother or what I had for dinner.

On Thursday, I’m headed to Panthers training camp.  I’m not sure what I hope to accomplish there, but I’m keeping DeAngelo Williams in the only fantasy league that I’m in this year, so I maybe I’m going to protect my investment.  Jenkies!  Am I only in one fantasy football league this year?  That needs to change.  Let me know if you need an extra.


7 responses to “What is this?

  1. But what did you have for dinner?

  2. And what about Big Brother ? Meow Meow. And please……DO feel free to discuss your forays into whatever activities you wish. We shall not be embarrassed at all.

    • I missed the first week of Big Brother and I have no idea what the “meow meow” thing is about. I wish they would all stop yelling in their confessionals. It’s by far my least favorite cast since I started watching.

  3. When you get to camp heckle John Fox for not kicking the extra point in the Super Bowl. He is football gambling kryptonite, a mush.

    • I have mixed feelings about that team. I picked them out of the hat in the playoff pool that year and rode the wave. On the downside I had a ticket from Vegas for them to win the Super Bowl and then he goes for two. Stupid block pool math.

  4. No! Stupid John Fox. This man also believed that Jake Delhomme could play “quarterback”

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