T.O. to Cincy thoughts

I’ll post this quickly, because the kitty needs her litter and I don’t want to see what happens if she doesn’t get it.

From a fantasy perspective, it bumps up the values of Carson Palmer and Cedric Benson.  I’m not sure what Chad Johnson’s (I won’t call him his other name) value was anyway.  I haven’t drafted him in years, there just always seems to be someone better available.

T.O.’s value goes up, because he’s actually on a team.  Someone else will take him too early so I’m not worried that I’ll be put in the position where I have to think about taking him.

It sounds like bad news for Antonio Bryant and his knee.  He’s been wearing #81 for the Bengals so I’m sure too much will get made out of T.O. wanting to get his number.

From a real football standpoint, it actually seems like it makes sense, but it’s the Bengals so it probably doesn’t.  We may get 2 or 3 decent celebrations out of it.  I look forward to seeing who gets mic’d up for the Bengals/Ravens games.

Heaven help the Bengals and J.T. O’Sullivan if Carson Palmer gets hurt.


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