Roy Williams’ Pads

I was just going to write about how this carrying of Roy Williams’ pads was getting blown out of proportion for no other reason than media boredom.  Now it looks like Dez Bryant, he of the alleged prostitute mother, has acknowledged that he didn’t know it was a tradition for rookies to do this sort of thing.  Hopefully this is all going to end soon, so Roy can get back to what he needs most.  Practice!

Regardless, it’s a matter of weeks before Roy Williams is riding the bench or on his way to the Raiders.  Then he can teach Darrius Heyward-Bay how to get open less.

Out of curiosity and because there’s no way I should know this, I looked up whose pads Roy Williams was probably carrying when he was a rookie.  My only thought was that Herman Moore couldn’t possibly still have been there, so what Lions receiver was deserving enough.  The answers: Charles Rogers (they were supposed to be great together!), Az Hakim, and Tai Streets.  I probably would have carried Hakim’s pads out of respect for his ’99 season with the Rams.  I had Warner and Faulk that year, sadly that may have been my finest hour as a fantasy owner.  I just had to some quick math to make sure that I wasn’t in my teens for that.  Whew.

For the sake of comedy, I present to you the qb’s on that famed Lions team of ’04: Joey Harrington, Rick Mirer, and the then pride of Rutgers, Mike McMahon.  Steve Mariucci not bludgeoning someone to death that year should have won him someone’s Man of the Year award.


One response to “Roy Williams’ Pads

  1. That was the picture I expected for a blog about Roy Williams and pads. The man is no Peerless Price

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